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posted by Cherry9090
Rated PG-13
254 mins

~What Rose Red is about~
Dr. joyce Reardon an obsessed psychology professor who commissions a team of psychis and a gifted 15-year old autisitic girl Annie Wheatone,to literally wake up a supposedly dormant haunted mansion-Rose Red-Their efferts unleash myraid spirits and uncover horrifying secrets of the generations who have lived and died there.

Nancy Travis
Matt Keeslar
Kimberly J. Brown
David Dukes
Judith Ivey
Matt Ross
Julian Sands
Kevin Tighe

~My opion on Rose Red~
I loved it!the ghosts and killings where amamzing i simple loved it.The acters where...
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posted by Cherry9090
Rated R
1 giờ and 48 mins

~What the movie is about~
Noveilest Paul Sheldon does'n remember the blizzard that sent his car spinning off the road.Nor does he remember being nursed back from unconsiousness.All he remembers is waking up in the trang chủ of Annie Wilkes a maniacal người hâm mộ who is bent on keeping her favorit writer as her personal prisoner for the rest of his cock a doodle life

James Caan
Kathy Bates
Frances Sternhgen
Richard Farnsworth

~MY opion on Misery~
Misery was so kcik đít, mông, ass I loved it.It was scarey,It was funny.It was creepy.The only part that made me sick was when Annie perform *hobbling* on him then she told him she loved him i was like O_o WTF!! but still is was amamzing i loved it!!
posted by Dark-Blood
Invasion of the Ring Tone Snatchers


Stephen King's cell-from-hell premise gives this story an instantly powerful hook. But there are times when the book threatens to become all hook and no fish.
January 23, 2006, Monday .

Familiar Ending for St. John's

For the một giây năm in a row, St. John's season ended with a loss to Maryland in the third round of the N.C.A.A. Division I tournament.
November 28, 2005, Monday .

Arts, Briefly; Stephen King to Write Marvel Comic

By GEORGE GENE GUSTINES; Compiled bởi Lawrence van Gelder

Stephen King will expand the story of one of his ''Dark Tower''...
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posted by axlluver43
Carrie, Kings First book that was published in 1974 is about a girl named Carrie White, which takes place in a small Maine town. She seventeen and is the odd girl in school. Her clothes never fit correctly, was bat at sports and never got the point of the joke. So she became the joke of her school. One girl gets her boy friend, Tommy Ross, which is a class hunk, to ask Carrie out to the senior prom where she would get humiliates in front of the whole school. She then realizes that she has telekinetic powers that night. She locked doors, made lighted candles fall and then she goes for revenge....
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•1976 - Carrie
•1979 - Salem's Lot
•1980 - The Shining
•1982 - Creepshow (Five short films: "Father's Day," "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill," "Something to Tide bạn Over," "The Crate," and "They're Creeping Up On You")
•1982 - The Boogeyman (short film)
•1983 - Cujo
•1983 - The Dead Zone
•1983 - Christine
•1983 - Disciples of the con quạ (short film)
•1983 - The Woman in the Room (short film)
•1984 - Children of the ngô
•1984 - Firestarter
•1985 - Cat's Eye (Three short films: "Quitters, Inc.," "The Ledge," and "The General")
•1985 - Silver Bullet
•1985 - Stephen...
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posted by Dark-Blood
Stephen King’s Latest Cast Feels Real


“Under the Dome” gravely threatens Stephen King’s status as a mere chart-busting pop cultural phenomenon.
November 12, 2009, Thursday .

Stephen King’s Glass ­Menagerie

Stephen King’s Glass ­Menagerie


When an enormous transparent dome settles over a small town in Maine in Stephen King’s new novel, it’s just fine with Big Jim, the local tyrant-in-waiting, and his pet goon squad.
November 08, 2009, Sunday .

Up Front: James Parker

Up Front: James Parker


James Parker has written on everything from slasher...
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posted by Cherry9090
Stephen King's
Children Of The Corn!

92 mins

~When a young couple find themselves stranded in the isolated communtiy of Gatlin,Nebraka,they discover that all of the town'd adults have been slaughted bởi a religous cult of twisted children who worship a mytserious cornfield deity.Can these adults escape the fanatical wrath of these adolescent Zealots,of will they become the tiếp theo blood sacrifices to *He Who Walks Behind The Rows*

Peter Horton
Linda Hamilton

~My opion on the movie~
I loved the movie it was so powerful and real.A true horror,I can imagin a world where the pwoer of religin...
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posted by deedragongirl
 I see you!
I see you!
Hi guys, I had seen Rose Red and I am currently seeing it again as Halloween is around the corner. I am going to write a review about it and why I consider this as my only favourite Horror movie despite that I dislike Horror films.

The Story

While watching this movie, the film eerily reminds me of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of đồi núi, hill House. On which the film took inspiration from, another story bởi Stephen King on which it took inspiration from is Carrie. Ironically, Annie Wheaton reminds me of Carrie and Eleanor 'Nell' Vance from the Haunting of đồi núi, hill House as they have telekinetic power.
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A Good Marriage To Be Determined

Apt Pupil October 23rd, 1998

Carrie November 3rd, 1976

Cat's Eye April 12th, 1985

Children of the ngô March 9th, 1984

Christine December 9th, 1983

Creepshow November 10th, 1982

Creepshow 2 May 1st, 1987

Cujo August 12th, 1983

Dark Half, The April 23rd, 1993

Dead Zone, The October 21st, 1983

Dolores Claiborne March 24th, 1995

Dreamcatcher March 6th, 2003

Firestarter May 11th, 1984

Graveyard Shift October 26th, 1990

Green Mile, The December 6th, 1999

Hearts in Atlantis September 28th, 2001

Mangler, The March 3rd, 1995

Maximum Overdrive July 25th, 1986

Mercy December...
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posted by Cherry9090
Rates R
134 mins

~What Dreamcather is about~
Jonesy,Henry,Pete,Beaver.They'rt bonded bởi freindship and bởi the strange pwers each acquired on a fateful ngày in their childhood.But now a horrific entity is putting their freindship and powers to the test and some of the four will die.And some will save the world from a menace unlike anything ever seen!

Morgon Freeman
Thomas Jane
Jason Lee
Damian Lewis
Timothy Olyphant
Tom Sizemore
Donnie Wahlberg

~My opion on Dreamcatcher~
It was kickass!! So bloody,so gorey.Wonderful acting.I tình yêu how the aleins are born and hatch (from the eggs and the...
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posted by Dark-Blood
National Briefing | South: Georgia: Fatal Shooting At Gun Show

A 13-year-old died a ngày after being shot in the head on Sunday while at a gun hiển thị with his father. The boy, Stephen King of Prattville, Ala., died after surgery in Atlanta. It was not clear how the shooting occurred.
July 16, 2002, Tuesday .


By James Barron

Joke on the Cutting-Room Floor Even STEVEN SPIELBERG can be edited out of a film. Mr. Spielberg expected to be the subject of a joke in the opening phút of ''Men in Black II,'' the follow-up to the 1997 sci-fi comedy. But the gag he heard about is not in the...
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posted by Cherry9090
Rated R
95 mins

~What Cujo is about~
Monstrous cannine evil stalks,isolated family in rural Main,vic and donna struggle to reapire their crumbling marriage,while their young son Tad befriends a hulking loveable 200 pound ST.Bernard named Cujo.With Vic away on business.Donna and Tad take their decripit car to be fixed at the remote farm of thier machanic.As their aging pinto sputtersto a stop and dies.Culo appears,but once docile dog has undergone a hideous tranformation-and becomes a slavering,demonic implaceable,killer possessed bởi almost Supernatural strength and unholy and cunning....
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posted by deedragongirl
 What a creepy poster this is!
What a creepy poster this is!
Hi guys, since my review on Rose Red is on the front page. Here are my thoughts on both Rose Red and the 1999 remake of the Haunting.

The Haunting

When I first watch this movie, I did not know that this a reboot of the original 1963 version. However, unlike the latter. The 1999 version is actually a bastardised version of the novel on which both the original 1963 version is base on, that's why it receive such low ratings from both the critics and những người hâm mộ alike.
In this version, Hugh Crain is the main antagonist and Nell is his descendant. He killed the children once đồi núi, hill House was completed, and...
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posted by Cherry9090
Rated R
92 mins

~What Thinner is about~
A 300 pound atterney with an ego to match. And a cheating wife and loving daughter.a 109 năm old gpyse with Supernatural ax to grind a loveing gypse family includes a wife and daoghter.And a dose of deadly revenge that compels its victims to eatv now and pay late.A freak accident one night,the atterney hits the old gypses wife,killing her,the gypse curses the 300 pound man to become THINNER,which he does at a rapid pace,in order to undo the curse he must give it to another who he chooses might not be up to him...

Robert John...
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posted by Cherry9090
Children Of The Corn!
Rated R
92 mins long
When a young couple find themselves stranded in the isolated community of Gatlin,Nepraska,they discover that all of the adults have been slaughtered bởi a relious cult of twisted children who worship a myssterious cornfield deity,Can these adults ecsape the fanatical wrath of these adolesent zealots,or will they become the tiếp theo blood sacrifices to *He Who Walks Behind The Rows?*

Peter horton
Linda Hamilton

Children Of The ngô 4
Rated R
85 mins
When children of a small midwestern town are haunted bởi an unspeakable evil that...
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posted by Dark-Blood
Who Word-Processed First? Professor's History Has Writers Staking Their Claims


Writers are approaching Matthew Kirschenbaum, a professor who is working on a history of word processing, to claim that they were the first to create novels using computers.
January 10, 2012, Tuesday .

The Muses of Insert, xóa and Execute

The Muses of Insert, xóa and Execute


Scholars are trying to recover the literary history of word processing, one casual deletion and trashed document at a time, starting with writers like Stephen King and Frank Herbert.
December 26,...
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posted by Dark-Blood
Stephen King’s ‘11/23/63’ - Review


Stephen King’s latest novel, “11/22/63,” tells of a schoolteacher who travels back to 1958 to alter history, and falls in tình yêu as well.
October 31, 2011, Monday .

Rediscovered Novel bởi 'Mildred Pierce' tác giả Will Be Released


Hard Case Crime says it plans a fall 2012 release for The cốc-tai, cocktail Waitress, a novel that Cain was working on when he died in 1977, and which mixes themes from his novels Mildred Pierce and The Postman Always Rings Twice.
September 19, 2011, Monday .

'Carrie' the Musical Is Transported Again

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posted by faronhanes
Many man have tried . Many man have died
Leaving their woman folk alone and to cry
I know that there are some faster than me, but till then its just me . Maybe tomorrow we'll just see. I'm one bad man gunslinger with both guns. Left hoặc right handed makes no difference which one.
Everyone I shot was never for fun. Ain't no faster man that has to protect himself with his gun. I'm not on the run. bạn see I am sheriff of this here town. I only shot in self defense when they tried to gun me down. There's no easy way out for me. I either win hoặc die Been hit before ,but he wasn't a better shot than I. So that's my story sad but it's true I'm a gunslinger thru and thru that's what I do. Don't try to gun me down. Spare your life and don't come around.
posted by Dark-Blood
'Rose Red,' Victims Blue In a Stephen King Thriller

By Ron Wertheimer

If you're one of those people who lapse into a condescending sneer at the mere mention of Stephen King, leave the room. Git. Now, for the rest of us who aren't above settling in for a well-wrought ghost story, who allow ourselves the guilty pleasure of a roiling melodrama, ''Stephen King's 'Rose Red' '' is inconsequential fun.
January 25, 2002, Friday .



Hail, Fellows The National Endowment for the Arts has chosen the recipients of its 2002 Jazz Masters Fellowships. This honor recognizes contributions...
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posted by Cherry9090
Rated R
97 mins

~What Night Flier is about~
For Richard Dees facts are always a stranger then fiction.Every head line is a dead line.serial killer,UFO abductions,tales of melestation,mayhem and murder.To some the tales are unbeleiveable but his faithful readers beleive.And now theres a new story.The Night Flier.What is it that flies bởi night in a dark-winged Cessna,lands at secluded airports and bruttally murders local residents?Dees begins to follow the unknown killer in Cessna ofhis own,uncovering cluse that reveal a pilot thêm terrifing then he could ever inagine.a creature so untamed...
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