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Would any Stephen King những người hâm mộ like to host a listening party for Shooter Jennings' new album "Black Ribbons," which features guest narration bởi King?

My name is Jeff and I work for Rocket Science, a âm nhạc marketing company in Los Angeles. Recently, Stephen King collaborated with alt-country ngôi sao Shooter Jennings on Jennings' most gần đây album, "Black Ribbons," due out March 2, 2010. On the album, King plays the character of Will O' The Whisp, a talk radio host firing off a series of rants before his hiển thị is taken off the air. King's narration punctuates the concept album's 14 tracks. Shooter Jennings is a huge người hâm mộ of King's, blending his own alt-country style with dark, King-type horror influences to give the album a decidedly psychedelic feel, alá màu hồng, hồng Floyd.

We would like to offer the opportunity for Stephen King những người hâm mộ to experience this album with fellow enthusiasts. We are looking for a group of Stephen King enthusiasts to host a listening party for "Black Ribbons." The host of the listening party will receive a free copy of the album to play for his hoặc her guests, along with other surprise swag for attendees. All we ask in return is a short recap of the party and some photos. Please send an email with your name, ngày of the listening party (it must be the week of March 2 hoặc later), address, and best contact email hoặc phone number to Thanks, and we hope to hear from bạn soon!

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