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Stefan Salvatore-Mardy Bum

Stefan Salvatore: I don't want to survive...

Stefan Salvatore- The Story

Paul Wesley [vintage hot]

Stefan Salvatore "Just the Way bạn Are"

[TVD] stefan + katherine • • undone

Stefan Salvatore; Devil hoặc Angel?

Stefan Salvatore - [ I Feel Like a Monster ]

It`s all about Stefan Salvatore

In The City II Stefan Salvatore

Paul Wesley-Stefan Salvatore sexy and hot

Stefan Salvatore is only human

Stefan Salvatore- Hearing Damage

Inside the Vampire Diaries_Part 2

stefan & caroline ; i'll be right beside bạn

TVD_2x05_Kill hoặc Be Killed_Webclip

TVD (Stefan Salvatore) - Animal I Have Become

The Vampire Diaries Webclip 2x04 - Memory Lane

Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore is Exquisite

The Vampire Diaries Extended Promo 2x03 - Bad Moon Rising

TVD_2x02_ Công chúa tóc xù New World_Web clip

Extended Promo 2x02 - Công chúa tóc xù New World [HD]

The Return 2x01 (Webclip)

Stefan Salvatore - My Walls Are Closing In

TVD_Casting Paul Wesley as Stefan

TVD_1x17_Let the Right One In_Unaired Scene

The Vampire Diaries - Teaser Promo (Stefan)

Truth Behind Stefan_Paul Wesley on Stefan

TVD Season 2 Official Teaser Trailer

Stefan Salvatore II eats bạn up

TVD Season 2 Promo

Team Stefan Video Project!!

Stefan and Elena ~~ I believe ♥

TVD: Stefan and Elena- Come Back to me

Crawling || Stefan/Elena [TVD]

The Vampire diaries - Elena and Stefan

Elena/Stefan/Katherine - BLIND [AU REMAKE] & (PREVIEW)

Stefan&Elena (what's in your heart)

Vampire Diaries - Stefan & Elena

Lexi and Stefan; Look After bạn (REUPLOAD FROM MY OLD ACCOUNT)

Down ; Bella|Stefan

Bella/Stefan - alternative ending (AU)

Bella/Stefan - THE INTRO (AU)

stefan&blair // bad ngày

make me wanna die (crossover couples collab)

Serena/Stefan Make me Wanna Die collab

Stefan/Elena - Beautiful Soul

the vampire diaries elena stefan

Elena/Stefan- May I?

stefan/elena;wait here for bạn !!

Stefan & Elena ~ Their Own Part Of tình yêu

Elena/Damon/Stefan - Two is better Than One

Stefan & Elena || Cut

Elena Stefan & Damon || Heavy

s t e f a n & e l e n a// d o w n.

Stefan and Elena (Stelena) - Undisclosed Desires

Stefan\Elena\Damon: Think Twice

stefan and elena

VD - Elena/Damon/Stefan - tình yêu The Wrong Brother [ EP1 ]

Damon,Elena and Stefan//Love tam giác ♥

Vampire Diaries - Bloodstream

Vampire Diaries.wmv

The Vampire Diaries | This Is A Man's World

The Vampire Diaries - Stefan & Elena

Stefan Salvatore "Animal I have become"

Like những người đang yêu Do-Stefan/Caroline vidlet

Stefan and Caroline - My part in cocoaluv's Swear It Again Collab


&i can't stand it.♥

TVD Character Collab

Elena & Stefan - The Vampire Diaries - xin chào bạn

[Shatterd Productions] Stefan and Elena-Never Gonna Be Alone (Collab Part 10)

Stefan/Elena/Damon (TVD) - Unsatisfied

Damon/Stefan/Elena_something i'l never have

The Vampire Diaries (Stefan/Elena/Damon) - Unfaithful

Stefan and Elena

Damon/Elena/Stefan - El Tango De Roxanne

Stefan & Elena Scenes Folge 20

Stefan Elena -Prodigal

We have something, Vampire diaries

Left To Lie || Stefan and Elena

the vampire diaries stefan +elena dancing!

catch me ~ Stefan & Elena

Left To Lie || Stefan and Elena

Stefan & Elena - The một giây That bạn Say (preview)

Stefan|Elena Breathing space.

Stefan & Elena Scenes Folge 22

TVD - Stefan e Elena Story

elena+stefan - tim, trái tim skipped a beat


elena stefan and edward in tình yêu with two

Stefan and Elena ... i'll be waiting for the real thing ...

Stefan & Elena Красная шапочка

Stefan & Elena - //..don't let go.

Stefan And Elena [♥]~

stefan and elena candyman

Elena, Stefen, Damon, Katrine

Elena, Damon, Stefen

The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Stefan/Elena moments