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Stefan & Katherine | Tainted tình yêu

Katherine & Stefan • Make me wanna Die

stefan ♡ katherine ; a s h e s & w i ne }

Katherine/Stefan-If he loves bạn

Stefan/Katherine | Not In tình yêu

Stefan Salvatore || Hurricane

Breaking the habbit || Stefan Salvatore

Stefan&Katherine [Elena] - She wasn't just any girl

Stefan/Elena/Katherine-Whatcha say.

Stefan & Katherine; Breathe Me

Stefan/Katherine │Breath Again│2x04

. Far away (Katherine&Stefan)

stefan/katherine ; I'll breathe again

Stefan/Kathrine; không gian bound

Katherine & Stefan || Whataya Want From Me

toxic; stefan/katherine vidlet 2x11

just tonight (stefan/caroline)

Stefan Salvatore; If I go crazy. [The Vampire Diaries]

Stefan Salvatore | Drop It

Stefan & Katherine | Breathe Again

*S t e f e r i n e* [Sex and love] The Vampire Diaries 2x11

TVD_2x11_By the Light of the Moon - Promo

Stefan & Katherine - A Kiss With A Fist

Paul Wesley on Rachel cá đuối, ray 12/2/10

Caroline / Stefan II She Is (Vidlet)

Caroline/Stefan Chasing Cars

The Vampire Diaries - Stefan and Caroline - Animal I've Become

Vampire Diaries | "You remind me of best friend, Lexi"

all i need is bạn [collab w/ rendziiii]

stefan&elena ||Love Will Conquer

Elena/Stefan-Forever & Almost Always

stefan/elena || forever & always.

Stefan & Elena - "I can't lose the way I feel about you"

Elena / Stefan - can't take my eyes off of you.

The Vampire Diaries - Stefan & Elena - Can't help falling in tình yêu

Stefan & Elena - Sweet Dreams

Stefan & Elena || Won´t go trang chủ without bạn

Stefan and Elena - Devil In Me

Stefan and Elena - All bạn Did Was Save My Life

Stefan&Elena - tình yêu

Closer to the Edge (Character Study) | MULTI-COLLAB

Damon/Stefan - No tình yêu

salvatore brothers | "he's scared of walking in the dark..." [preview]

TVD s02e05. Damon\Elena\Stefan\Caroline .: bạn found me

● I came back for bạn || Stefan/Katherine || TVD [2x04]

Stefan and Caroline - I'd Come For bạn

"Is this the end of a moment?" Caroline/Stefan

Caroline Stefan - It Is What It Is. [PREVIEW]

Damon/ Caroline/ Stefan ;;; I kissed her ;;; TVD

Stefan and Caroline // On ngọn lửa, chữa cháy

Stefan & Caroline II Crawl ((Carry Me Through))

Caroline&Stefan [With You]

Caroline/Stefan [Chasing Cars]

crawl (stefan/caroline)

Stefan & Caroline // bạn Make Me Stutter

I'm surrounded bởi your embrace [Stefan♥Caroline]

Stefan & Caroline - Look After bạn (2x03)

Does This Darkness Have A Name? Stefan/Damon

Stefan & Katherine "Someday I'll breathe again."

Everybody Loves Me; The Salvatore Brothers

Breathe Again ● Katherine/Stefan

I tình yêu bạn Stefan •We will be together again •I promise (02x04)

"i never compelled your was real" (2x04)

stefan&elena | all this time

Stefan and Elena ; I was waiting for bạn

"We can't forget to live it." TVD

Stefan and Elena; an toàn, két an toàn in my arms

Stefan / Elena ; I'm proud to say I GOT bạn

Stefan & Elena - Anywhere But Here

Stefan&Elena || my missing puzzle piece;

Stefan Salvatore, Who is Batman?

Damon/Elena/Stefan [Time of our Lives]

Stefan/Katherine - All the way

Stefan & Katherine | I'm in Here

Stefan//Katherine - [[2x04]]

Katherine & Stefan - What Have bạn Done

stefan/katherine | Infinity

• he's the air i would kill to breathe; stefankatherine]

• let's just get it all out, gimme every single word even if it's gonna hurt

• For better, for worse, I got bạn

Cause our hearts are locked forever || Stefan&Elena

Stelena | Teenage Dream

caroline & stefan (2x03 included)

Stefan&Caroline [Run]

PASS OUT//Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore [You Will Let Me Down]

Stefan /Elena - His tình yêu will conquer all...

Down//Stefan & Elena

Stelena ( CUT )

Stefan and Elena - Look After bạn

Say When [Stefan Elena]

Stefan and Elena

Only One (Stefan/Elena)

Stefan & Elena // Only one

Stefan&Elena - The Vampire Diaries - Sky

Stefan & Elena // Airplanes

smile || stefan&elena

Stefan & Elena - Meteor vòi hoa sen (Vampire Diaries)

Stefan & Elena | Futuristic Lover

Stefan & Elena - Desperately Need bạn