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The Story Of Stefan And Caroline [1x01 - 8x16]

Damon and Stefan | 170 Years [1x01-8x16]

Damon + Stefan - Please Don't Go (+8x16)

Stefan and Elena || it's good to see you, one last time [1x01 - 8x16]

Stefan Salvatore--I was here [+8x16]

Stefan Salvatore ✗ "He brought me back to life."

Stefan Salvatore | [1x01 - 8x16] - Goodbye

● STEROLINE STORY ||„I will tình yêu bạn FOREVER“ {1x01-8x16}

Stefan Salvatore | This Is My Story [1x01-8x16]

Stefan & Lexi | See bạn again (8x16)

➢ stefan salvatore tribute - I lived [8x16]

stefan & lexi | howling ghosts, they reappear.

▶ Stefan & Damon || Hello, Brother (+8x16)

Stefan & Damon | Mất tích without you.

Vampire Diaries 8x16 FINALE Damon compels Stefan to leave the tunnels "I tình yêu bạn little brother"

TVD 8x16 FINAL Stefan sacrificed himself. Stefan says goodbye to Elena. Stefan finds peace with Lexi

Stefan & Caroline | tình yêu in the Dark

Let Her Go - Caroline & Stefan

Stefan & Caroline - Shape Of bạn

Stefan Salvatore \\ When it's all over ( 7x18)

6x22 I'm On ngọn lửa, chữa cháy

TVD: Official Fanmade Trailer: Gone

Stefan and Caroline: Yours

► Elena,Damon,Stefan | Не умирай

►Stefan & Elena | Start of Time

Stefan Salvatore | Titanium (5x21) (Stefan Dies)

► Stefan Salvatore | Goodbye World [5x21 Stefan's Death]

►Stefan Salvatore | Don't Let Me Go

►Stefan Salvatore || bạn Talk Dirty To Me◄

Stefan & Caroline; "Don't bạn dare forget that moment that we had.. [5x17]


Stefan & Caroline // It Was bạn (TVD)

Stefan/Caroline || Let Me tình yêu bạn

►Stefan + Caroline | All that we could be

Stefan & Caroline | My best friend

Arms [Steroline]

Steroline - Just a Dream (Major AU)


stefan & caroline; "your eyes look like coming home... [ft 5x04]

Stefan and Caroline 5x04 "You're so much hotter in person." The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Caroline 5x04 "You have me" The Vampire Diaries

TVD Season 4 Ep,19 - Caroline & Stefan Dance "Someday You'll Meet Someone New"

Stefan & Caroline 4x16 "We deserve a little bit of fun"

Stefan + Katherine | [5x08] | The Other Side

Stefan & Katherine || Breathe Again [5x08]

Stefan/Katherine || Young & Beautiful

Stefan and Katherine || let her go

Stefan & Katherine | We Found tình yêu [5x10]

Stefan&Katherine | Thousand years [5x10 spoilers]

►Stefan + Katherine || Say something [5x11]

Stefan + Katherine / Say something , I'm giving up on bạn

Stefan Tries to Stab Katherine 5x15 on The Vampire Diaries | 3-6-14

Katherine & Stefan kissing in a Motel 5x14 on The Vampire Diaries | 2-27-14

Stefan & Katherine | "...and I want Stefan Salvatore"

Stefan & Katherine l He's my one true love. [+5x13]

Stefan + Katherine ● "He is my one true love."

say something | stefan & katherine

Stefan & Katherine || With tình yêu [5x08]

Stefan + Katherine I 5x10 I Don't Deserve bạn

Katherine & Stefan ◘ I want your bite◘

Dorian Gray & Stefan Salvatore ♣Smooth Criminal♣

stefan/caroline | she didn't deserve that (+5x12)

Stefan Salvatore // The Ripper

stefan salvatore || i'll be there for bạn [5x10]

►Stefan Salvatore [1-5] | "There's a reason they call him The Ripper"

Stefan Salvatore | Emotions

Stefan Salvatore | Only Human

Stefan Salvatore - Dark Paradise

★ Stefan Salvatore | n i g h t m a r e

► Stefan Salvatore | Hit Without Warning

stefan salvatore | monsters inside my head

Stefan Salvatore - The Shattered One

►Stefan Salvatore| Recovery

Vampire Diaries || Stefan Salvatore || Seven Nation Army

Stefan Salvatore is Our Hero ;)

elena y stefan

stefan + katherine | dance on our graves [5x10]

stefan salvetore /skyscaper/ 5x06

Stefan & Elena | Don't you remember?

stefan&elena | save me

►Stefan + Elena || Clarity

►Stefan + Silas | Last Breath

Stefan Salvatore - Bullet train

Stefan Salvatore - Radioactive

Stefan & Caroline | You Have Me

► Stefan Salvatore (05x03) | What's the point in being good?

Stefan Salvatore - How (5.04)

►Stefan & Caroline | Video Games

Stefan Salvatore | Rude Boy

Stefan Salvatore - The Ripper

►Stefan Salvatore | Take A Walk [4x10]

Stefan Salvatore/Silas - Seven Nation Army

Stefan Salvatore - Runaway Baby

Stefan Salvatore| Sassy

Stefan Salvatore: I'd do anything for you, but bạn won't do the same.

True Ripper Stefan Salvatore

►Stefan Salvatore - Welcome to the new age

TVD || Stefan Salvatore || Scandalous

Stefan Salvatore • Cry Me A River [4x09 + 4x10]