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Long cách đây (thirty-five years and seven months, to be exact) and in a galaxy far, far away, producer-director-writer George Lucas made film history with the release of his movie, "STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - A NEW HOPE". Only, during the summer of 1977, it was simply known as "STAR WARS". And this science-fiction/fantasy homage to Saturday morning serials and mythology was something that moviegoers had never seen before.

Now considered as the fourth film installment of Lucas' ngôi sao WARS saga, "A NEW HOPE" chronicled the adventures of a space-aged farmboy...
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So Luke, Leia and Lando Headed for Tatooine. It was a such a ways out from other ngôi sao systems. It was not even part of the Republic.

Once they reached Tatooine they knew they could not just barge into Jabba's Palace. Luke remembered where Ben's old house was beyond the dune sea. They went there to change into clothing and armor that would disguise them.

Then Luke headed back to the Dagobah system while Leia and Lando headed for Jabba's palace. " Please Hurry back Luke. I don't want anything to happen to bạn the way, is something wrong. bạn look so shocked and scared" asked Leia worried...
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