Du hành giữa các vì sao A FREE ngôi sao Trek Multiplayer Game

rrrrrr posted on May 23, 2007 at 07:18PM
Do you want to play a free multiplayer game with ship-to-ship battles and conquering planets?

At www.netrek.org, there is a FREE multiplayer game called Netrek. Play as a Federation ship, a Romulan ship, an Orion ship, or a Klingon ship and try to conquer the galaxy. You can play on a team of up to eight and play against another team.

Features of the game:

• Ship-to-ship battles with phasers, torpedos, plasma torpedos, cloaking, shields, tractor beams, and even more! Plus, real life sounds
• As you destroy ships and take planets, watch your statistics grow—see what it takes to be the best player!
• Play in a starbase, a cruiser, a battleship, or four other ships—each race these ships in their own form
• Take planets by bombing them and putting men on them—the team with the most planets wins
• Repair, refuel, cloak, destroy expert players—This game does what it can to duplicate the Star Trek universe. It even has real Planets, including Praxis, Earth, Romulas, etc!
• This is no ordinary shoot-em’ up game. It helps to develop strategy and teamwork. And some of the best players have put together help guides to help you get started!
• Best of all, it has versions for Windows, Mac, and even Linux

Check it out! Go to www.netrek.org

Some screenshots of the game are available at the site. These screenshots may be different from actual graphics depending on which version of the game you select—but believe me, the graphics are at least this good; and on the windows version, the ships look even more realistic than on these photos.

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