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List by DR76 posted cách đây 6 tháng
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Below is a danh sách of my yêu thích episodes from Season One of the All Access CBS series, "STAR TREK: DISCOVERY". Created bởi Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, the series stars Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Michael Burnham:


1. (1.09) "Into the Forest I Go" - While ignoring Starfleet's orders, U.S.S. Discovery's commander, Captain Gabriel Lorca decides to use the ship's new core drive in an effort to help end the Federation's war against the Klingons.

2. (1.07) "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" - While the Discovery crew enjoy a party, an unwelcome visitor boards the ship to seek vengeance and bring about a series of bringing about a twisted sequence of events that involves a time loop. This episode has been recently nominated for a Hugh Award for writing.

3. (1.02) "Battle at the Binary Stars" - Incarcerated in one of the U.S.S. Shenzhou's thuyền nhỏ hai buồm, cầu đường, brig for disobeying an order, First Officer Burham struggles to escape, while the ship is under attack by...
Opinion by peterslover posted hơn một năm qua
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My husband recently discovered a lively discussion, on another site, about the myriad inconsistencies in Data's character over the years. I thought his response might amuse you, so I reproduce it here:

While I ponder, weak and weary
The inconsistent Data theory
Trying to poop an answer I would sign.
Could an Mũi tên xanh bust him up, er
A phaser make him late for supper
This easily damaged form of his so fine.
Would the viewers be a-crapping
Should our hero come a-tapping
Tap, tap, tapping on Seven of Nine?
Quoth the 'scientist', I resign.

Jumping in a hole, first season
Then in phim chiếu rạp for some reason
Exhibiting a confidence he surely shouldn't feel.
Machine súng raise and start to chatter
But his guts refuse to scatter
Saying only 'Greetings' with much zeal.
Such confusion is a-hatching
Are hoặc aren't his ears detaching
Doth the shiny skin and eyeballs peal?
Quoth the 'scientist', This aint real.
Article by WNNWs posted hơn một năm qua
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© April 5, 2011 INTLNETNEWS (redistribution cleared with INTLNETNEWS credit)

"Warp Drive" Inventor Proves He's Man To Be Reckoned With

bởi Farrah Milz

Last night was the internet radio debut of one of thêm interesting people to hit the net recently. A man who seems on the verge of literally changing the world. He's the inventor of warp drive.

No, not Zepherim Cochran who 52 years from today is supposed to do a maiden flight with warp drive and the rest is Federation history, that is if you're one of the many Trekkies celebrating it today. No, this is Marshall Barnes, research and development engineer and seemingly all around super-genius, telling from the things I've found about his very eclectic career that goes back over 30 years. Ron Mills of the web radio hiển thị The Chosen, had Marshall on to talk about his STDTS prototype warp drive technology which accelerates things that are already moving bởi using a specially synthesized electromagnetic field that contracts không gian in the front and allows it to expand in the rear.
Review by westonp posted hơn một năm qua
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The Bridge

We have just released to the public our FREE ngôi sao Trek game based on the Torque 3D engine. It is tiêu đề ngôi sao Trek: NCC1701 and features for the first time the entire original Enterprise rendered in full-scale 3D. This means players can actually walk the entire interior of theship from hàng đầu, đầu trang to bottom when all interior decks are completed.

For now, our playable demo includes the bridge and the shuttlebay (you can turbolift between the two), and the ability to fly a shuttle around the outside of the ship and practice various combat and flight missions.

Check out our website at link for the free download link and thêm information.

Please feel free to pass this link around to any other ngôi sao Trek người hâm mộ sites bạn can think of - we are trying to get a lot of people to download it as it also has multiplayer functionality. It would be great to get a large enough user base to have 20-40 people on our dedicated server, all flying around blasting each other.
Fan fiction by infinityproject posted hơn một năm qua
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Spock looked up from his Science console and đã đưa ý kiến "Captain, I am picking up a un-identifiend object is appearing from a quantum universal-dimentional rift along the ion trail from the probe we launched."
"On screen," Kirk orderd. Immediatly, the screen showed a person floating through không gian towards the the Enterprise.
I saw the ship coming towards me. How come I don't need oxygen? Oh, thats right, the system has removed the need for oxygen. The ship's registry read: USS Enterprise, NCC-1701; I've seen that before, but where?

Article by michaelnayt posted hơn một năm qua
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Writer Will Stape who has written for Deep không gian 9 and The tiếp theo Generation will be appearing on the Michael Nayt hiển thị April 3rd at 8pm pacific and April 25th at 3pm pacific. bạn can come listen live and call in and talk with him at

On April 3rd hiển thị we will be discussing the Aliens of ngôi sao Trek and Aliens that people have claimed to have encountered and how they are different hoặc similar.

On April 25th hiển thị we will be discussing all aspects of ngôi sao Trek from past, present, and what the future holds for this được ưa chuộng series.
Fan fiction by Squibblings posted hơn một năm qua
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ngôi sao Trek: Borg War
TNG/DS9/VOY Crossover

If I get too skittish, this won't stay up here long. There is a pick out there asking if anybody has written a ngôi sao Trek fanfiction. I was surprised that nobody has đã đệ trình one on here. This is an incomplete one. Questions, comments, ideas, and observations are all welcome. Should I keep going on this?


ngôi sao Trek: Borg War

Picard tightened the reigns and leaned in.
The horse under him responded as they galloped under the last stray of low branches and headed out of the forest at full speed.

Walking into the holodeck and selecting this program was a distant memory. This was elation. The field was alive with sun, tall grass, and dew. The Arabian chiến mã, nhốt, steed found a slightly worn path on the forest’s edge and took it. It’s footfalls were so light Picard almost couldn’t feel them. The features of the terrain shot bởi as a blur to Picard. The fallen logs, the moss, trees, a green glint.
List by beefer posted hơn một năm qua
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When bạn look at ngôi sao Trek as a whole, bạn begin to see that many of our yêu thích characters say the same things in many episodes and movies, often adding (in my opinion) a strong element of comedy. I've searched for some of these "common threads" and discovered two lists of funny trích dẫn from McCoy.

Dr. McCoy (Bones) about being a doctor:
I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer. Devil in the Dark
I'm a doctor, not a psychiatrist. City on the Edge of Forever
I'm a doctor, not a mechanic. Doomsday Machine
I'm a doctor, not an escalator. Friday's Child
I'm a doctor, not an engineer. Mirror, Mirror
I'm a doctor, not a coal miner. The Empath
I'm a surgeon, not a moon shuttle conductor. Corbomite Maneuver
I'm not a magician, just an old country doctor. Deadly Years

Dr. McCoy on death:
He's dead, Jim. The Enemy Within, The Man Trap, chó sói, sói in the Fold, The Changeling
List by makintosh posted hơn một năm qua
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ngôi sao Trek Main club:
ngôi sao Trek: link
ngôi sao Trek: TV Series

· The Original Series: link
· The tiếp theo Generation: link
· Voyager: link
· Deep không gian Nine: link
· Enterprise: link


ngôi sao Trek: Movies
Article by westerveld posted hơn một năm qua
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Monday 9 March, 2009 - LONDON. Award-winning UK distributor Revolver Entertainment has picked up Internet smash hit ngôi sao Wreck from Finnish producer Blind Spot Films for distribution in the UK and US.

ngôi sao Wreck, originally produced bởi a group of Tampere-based filmmakers as a micro-budget sci-fi comedy for the Internet community, has become the most-watched Finnish film ever with thêm than 8 million viewers worldwide. The launch is planned to take place simultaneously with the new ngôi sao Trek movie in May 2009. ngôi sao Wreck has already been released on DVD in Scandinavia bởi Universal Pictures and in Nhật Bản bởi Medallion Media Co.

"We are all really excited to be working on ngôi sao Wreck here at Revolver Entertainment. We're already all firm "Wreckies",” says Revolver Entertainment’s Tom Clark. “After our success with Robot Chicken: ngôi sao Wars we're well placed to make this just as successful."

"Revolver is a perfect distributor for ngôi sao Wreck " says Tero Kaukomaa at Blind Spot Pictures, who negotiated the deal with Revolver. "We share the same unconventional and innovative approach to marketing and we're really excited about this...