Monday 9 March, 2009 - LONDON. Award-winning UK distributor Revolver Entertainment has picked up Internet smash hit ngôi sao Wreck from Finnish producer Blind Spot Films for distribution in the UK and US.

ngôi sao Wreck, originally produced bởi a group of Tampere-based filmmakers as a micro-budget sci-fi comedy for the Internet community, has become the most-watched Finnish film ever with thêm than 8 million viewers worldwide. The launch is planned to take place simultaneously with the new ngôi sao Trek movie in May 2009. ngôi sao Wreck has already been released on DVD in Scandinavia bởi Universal Pictures and in Nhật Bản bởi Medallion Media Co.

"We are all really excited to be working on ngôi sao Wreck here at Revolver Entertainment. We're already all firm "Wreckies",” says Revolver Entertainment’s Tom Clark. “After our success with Robot Chicken: ngôi sao Wars we're well placed to make this just as successful."

"Revolver is a perfect distributor for ngôi sao Wreck " says Tero Kaukomaa at Blind Spot Pictures, who negotiated the deal with Revolver. "We share the same unconventional and innovative approach to marketing and we're really excited about this release."

"I think it's great to let the world hear some genuine Tampere dialect," các bình luận the producer and lead actor of ngôi sao Wreck Samuli "Captain Pirk" Torssonen "This release is also good news for the sequel of ngôi sao Wreck, which is already on the drawing board bởi the original ngôi sao Wreck team. But that's something which will happen after were done with Iron Sky first."

The tiếp theo film from the ngôi sao Wreck team, Iron Sky, is a satirical science fiction comedy about Nazis on the moon in 2018. Iron Sky is a €4 million feature produced bởi Blind Spot Pictures and co-produced bởi 27 Films Production, Germany.

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