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Hey, Ripto's Rage fans...

I need to ask kind of a strange favor.

Do bạn think bạn could help me out bởi posting relatively detailed descriptions of Avalar's 3 trang chủ worlds (Summer Forest, Autumn Plains, Winter Tundra)? Just the settings themselves; nothing to do with the actual gameplay. I'm trying to write a story that takes place in Avalar's trang chủ worlds, and I'm just really struggling with describing the setting details.

I do NOT, bởi any means, intend to copy hoặc plagiarize what people write here; I just need some inspiration. hoặc if anyone even has any Lời khuyên hoặc suggestions on how to go about nghề viết văn a story in this setting as if it was a realistic place, that would be cool too. Anything helps (:
 Magica posted hơn một năm qua
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