SpongeBob SquarePants 1001 Things we learned from spongebob!

breebree446 posted on Nov 25, 2009 at 06:56AM
The game is simple. Name things that Spongebob has taught us. I'll start it off then you follow.
1.How to tie shoes.
2.The F.U.N song.
3.When attacked by a sea bear. Draw a circle around yourself.
Now it's your turn. Starting at 4.

SpongeBob SquarePants 65 các câu trả lời

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hơn một năm qua _Shrimpykid_ said…
171. How NOT to drive
hơn một năm qua CinderelaGirl93 said…
172. How to forgive each other
173. How to be a royal friend
hơn một năm qua boboiboyying123 said…
174. you can make pizza out of krabby patties
hơn một năm qua alexisn10 said…
175. When in doubt pinkie out
176. The inner mechanisms of my mind are an enigma
177. M is for Minnie and W's for Wombo
178. It is possible for crabs to produce whale offspring
179. The sky can have a baby from ones cereal box
hơn một năm qua Verbalase said…
180. How to be friendly even to mean people like Squidward. =]
(Spogebob, Gary and I decided to make a short mix with a shout out to poor Squidward. Spongebob played it at the Krusty Krab and it was a big hit! Let me know what you think! lol Enjoy! =]
link )
hơn một năm qua PEACEROCKER said…
181. How to sleep in a bed. 182. What to give patrick on his birthday.
hơn một năm qua tieless4ever said…
183. How to rip your pants at any time.
185. Patrick doesnt answer questions very well.
186. How to order a t.v. and only use the box.
187. How to prepare yourself for a mountain climb
189. How not to start an avalanche.
190. Dont do things at the last minute.
191. Always look where you step.
192. Dont get stuck in a wringer.
194.Crying does solve your problems.
195. Dont and i repeat DONT let patrick put forever glue on you when your stuck in a wringer.
196. Spongebob and Patrick are gullible( sorry but its true they fall for anything)
197. Patrick cant keep his word.
198. How to do karate.
199. How to save a squirrel from being eaten by a clam.
200. Dont drive a boat musuem.
201. Your boating teacher will have to go to jail for your actions.
202. Cops dont wait in lines.
203. Never put mutiple drivethrus in your restauraunt.
204. Dont let patrick eat his food too early or he will think you have it when he has already eaten it.
205. Never apologize to squidward when he has an electric fence.
206.Stop plankton from stealing a krappy patty.
207. Plankton has used all the letters in the alphabet but forgot about z.
208. Never help sandy invent anything.
209. Bring cake on a shuttle will clog the vent.
210. Moon boarding is fun.
211. A bubble gets in too much trouble.
212. A bubbles kid gets into even more trouble.
213. Dont use toothpaste to fix something.
214. Spongebob can make one krappy patty taste like a million.
215. How to destroy a driving record in a car crash.
hơn một năm qua AmuXIkuto1 said…

217: Never take away Gary's T.V

218: Never pop the Dirty Bubble with a paddle ball. -__-
hơn một năm qua AmuXIkuto1 said…
oh yeah.

hơn một năm qua tieless4ever said…
i have more
220. Dont mess with sister sam
221.Dont go on an arrow thing into pointy rocks
222.if you annoy superhroes long enough then they will come out of retirement
223. Dont buy a pet from someone selling them in a cart because they will eat your other pets
224. Dont give up when trying to find baby worms a home
225. If your pet doesnt want to go to a pet show, dont make him go
226. How to lift a highway
227. Patrick is a heavy sleeper but not when you say something
228. Never duplicate an eye from a nice person
229. Never team up with plankton
230. If a squirrel is running out of air, get her to the surface as fast as you can
231. Dont blow spicy bubbles around sandys home
232. Dont leave your snail in the care of Patrick
233. You can capture a seahorse and make it a pet
234. YOU check the laundry dont send your snail to do it
235. How to catch a jelly fish
236. How to get yourself on the dutchmans ship
237. Dont waste 3 wishes if you have them
238. Dont flush krabby patties down the toilet.
239. How to drive a sandwich
240. Dont dump grease in your enemy's yard
241. Dont let patrick near any electrical stuff
242. Dont scare mermaid man and barnicle boy off of a building
243. Stop patrick if he wants to push buttoms that mess with time
244. Mermaid man and barnicle boy are humans
245. How to injure somebody repeatedly
246. How to break your butt
247. You must always take a picture of you holding the earth when your on the moon
248. How to wait for the mailman
249. What the pioneers ate
250. How to get lost
251. Always obey the magic conch
252. How to shave the dutchmans beard off
253. How to do good deeds
254. How to have patience
255. How to make a wet floor sign
256. How to eat 4 hotdogs at once
257. Mr. Krabs hates new competition
258. How to jump out of an airplane
259. How to use teamwork to get what you want
260.How to start a snowball fight
hơn một năm qua tieless4ever said…
261. How to take your arm off
262. How to spend all of your money on mermaid man and barnicle boy cards
263. Dont let go of a dime when its in the drain
264. How a penny, a chip, and a tissue can be your friends
265. How to literally stay 15 feet away from someone
266. How to get rid of squeaky boots
267. Dont put a pool on the top floor of a hotel
268. How to make everyone help you by blowing giant bubbles and taking them to texas
269. How to replace your brain with brain coral
270. You can be in 3 places at once
hơn một năm qua AmuXIkuto1 said…
281 : How to turn yourself into ice cream.
hơn một năm qua AmuXIkuto1 said…
282: Boat Smarts
hơn một năm qua alexasylum said…
283: that when you think you killed a health inspector its okay to help your boss bury the body and lie to the police. :D
hơn một năm qua 90sfan said…
284:When you walk into the Salty Spittoon,there my be an icecube just waiting to make you slip.