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Oh baby, they may call me a fool,
But I can't help our gravitational pull
When I stuff bạn with cotton candy,
It reminds you're so sweet!
When we go riding, it's dandy
The way bạn hang on to the seat

When I'm with with you
Our love
Is stronger than glue
Oh baby!
There isn't anything
There's nothing in the world
I wouldn't do
For you!!!

Hey! Let go of her, bạn patty-eaters!
No! Get away!
Hi-ya! Hi-ya! Whooooah.. Ya Hi-ya! Yaaaaa! Ya ya ya ka ka ya wa wa ka wa ka ya hi-yayayayayaaaa!!!

Patty? Are bạn okay sweetums?
I'm soooo sorry!!
I'll never let bạn outta my sight again
And I'll always keep bạn outta
Harms way!

Oh baby, I tình yêu bạn so strong,
That's why I'm hát this song.
Your looks are sweeter than honey,
From your pickles to your buns,
It ain't even funnyooaaooooaaa!
I'm comin' for ya! Oh no! Look at you!
Don't worry, Patty, I'll take care of this!
There ya go. All better.
Oh baby.
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