South Park I know who mysterion is.

locomonkey77 posted on Apr 16, 2011 at 09:41PM
Wow. People saying it is stan, that is impossible. Stan is toolshed. In episode: Coon 2:Hindsight, Stan was sitting across the table from mysterion as tool shed. The berry crunch mint guy is some random kid ive never seen, so rule him out. Rule out cartman. Rule out kyle, because mysterion talked with him in the first episode with mysterion. Mysterion is white. So rule out Token. Rule out butters, hes evil.

Following kids who ARE super heros/villians: Clyde, Timmy, Token, Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Random kid, Butters.

So all we have left is: Clyde, Timmy, Kenny.

It cant be timmy, he is in a wheel chair.
So we have Clyde and Kenny. Judging by the super hero with the kite on his back, his voice sounds EXACTLY like clydes. And mosquito kid is just a random kid that has no real potential, like a random character for fun. The mosquito kid isnt even there when their out of their costumes. So it is obviously, Kenny. Wendy isn't even in the part with them and their costumes off. So it isnt her. So it is obviously, Kenny.

And wendy also probably said maybe mysterion is a girl to poke fun at cartmans investigating and make it harder. Cause she likes to do that to cartman.

It makes me so mad when people say "Its clyde" Or "Its stan" Or craig. and such. Listen to the kite Superheros voice! EXACTLY like clyde! And craig doesn't even play super hero cause he thinks those guys always get into trouble.

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