Ăn linh hồn Soul eater anyone? :3

pinkiepie213 posted on Nov 13, 2014 at 01:40AM
My OC (( original character ))
Name: Masayoshi
Age: 12
Crush: Death the Kid
Weapons: Bow and Arrow ( Tsundere and Masaya )
Meister or weapon: Meister
Enemies: Her mother, Geiah
Looks: link
Family: Geiah
Friends: Death the kid, Liz, patty, black star, Tsubaki, maka, soul, Crona, Masaya, Tsundere, Hero, Dr.Stein, Lord Death
Bio: When I was little, about five or six, My wonderful mother and father had taken me on a picnic in the woods...Bad idea. Wolves came, and my father turned into my mother's weapon. A firearm. But, when my parents weren't looking, a wolf bit me n the arm. The wolves were the servants of Geiah, the mother of Medusa and Arachne. Black blood ran through the veins of those wolves, and the black blood had driven me to madness. I had killed my own parents..... When Geiah's wolves took me to her, I became her own adopted daughter. Then, I ran away from her, and had found the DWMA...

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