Warning: Strong sexual situations in graphic detail. For those who are not devoted Yaoi những người đang yêu and intense pervs, proceed with caution.

Note: In the trước đó installment of Death the Kid X Crona I had already written the tình yêu scene in a different context with a very different dialogue. I had forgotten about the trước đó one and after I had successfully completed this part’s scene I realized my mistake. However, I myself prefer this tình yêu scene a great deal more. bạn are free to read it to your heart’s desire and interpret whichever version bạn like as the real one. Enjoy!

The trước đó night…
Death the Kid pinned Crona up against the tường as they were locked in the fiery passion of their kiss. He lifted Crona off the ground and push up his quần áo, áo choàng to his stomach so he could bọc his legs around his own waist. Kid used the tường to keep Crona up as he Công chúa tóc mây his fingers in the other boy’s light màu hồng, hồng hair.
Crona moaned and leaned his head to the side as Kid kissed his neck. This was almost like a dream; it was too good to be true. Crona had never imagined that what he’d been desiring for longer than he could remember was actually happening to him now. Just to be sure that this wasn’t all in his head, Crona reached around and pinch Kid on the shoulder blade.
“Ouch! What was that for?” Kid asked as he looked into Crona’s eyes.
The younger boy blushed madly as he stared at Death the Kid’s face and saw nothing but pure lust and desire there, but the bright glint of tình yêu behind his eyes. That look on Kid’s countenance was, on its own, enough to make Crona swoon.
“I, uh, just wanted to be sure.”
It only took Kid a moment to realize what he meant and a grin came to his face. He leaned forward, brushed his lips over his lover’s ear and whispered, “Don’t bạn worry, my love. This is real. I’m not going anywhere.”
His breath sent shivers through Crona’s body with every word. Kid ground their hips together and licked along Crona’s earlobe, occasionally nipping.
“K-Kid…” Crona moaned out his name softly.
“Does this turn bạn on?”
Crona nodded and leaned his head back against the wall; soft moans of ecstasy escaped his lips. He could feel Ragunarok attempting to fight his way to the surface and stop what was happening, but Crona threw up a block so strong that nothing could break it. He would not let this demon come between him and the man he loved; this moment was for Kid and Crona alone, no one else. Crona refocused his attention on the moment just as Kid set him down on his feet and kissed lower down his body.
“Ohh! Aaah! Kid, don’t! Not there!”
“Why not? The part that I’m touching seems to be loving it.”
Kid pulled Crona’s underwear down to his ankles, then he began to suck on his growing member. Crona moaned even thêm now; he’d never felt anything so pleasurable.
It wasn’t long before Crona reached his and released into Crona’s mouth. He sank to the floor, his skinny legs shaking too much to support him. “What…was that?” He panted as he spoke.
“An orgasm.” Kid looked at him in surprise. “You’ve never had an orgasm before?”
Crona blushed. “No. B-But, it feels really good.”
“Well, I promise there will be a lot thêm of them for both of us tonight.”
Kid undressed them both and then took up his lover in his arms. They kissed passionately as they fell onto the large giường wrapped in an embrace. Kid separated their lips just enough so that he could hold up two fingers and request that Crona lick them. Once Crona acquiesced his request, Death the Kid used those moistened fingers to tease Crona’s hole. The màu hồng, hồng haired uke gasped in shock as he felt one finger go just the tiniest bit inside him. It felt strange, but yet somehow pleasurable - it was the oddest sensation. Kid slowly worked on digit all the way in and then began to gently thrust it. He was assured that it wasn’t too painful bởi Crona’s erotic moans, so he tried to work in another finger. This process continued until kid had both fingers thrusting all the way into Crona’s virgin hole. When he thought that the moaning boy was ready, Kid pulled his fingers out and rolled over onto his back.
“Get on hàng đầu, đầu trang of me, Crona.”
Crona nodded – his face drench with ecstasy – and moved to get over hàng đầu, đầu trang of his loving seme.
“No, no, no, my love. Like this.” Death the Kid grabbed Crona bởi the hips, spun him around, and then pulled him over himself so that they were in the sixty-nine position. “That’s it, hun,” Kid groped Crona’s đít, mông, ass as he spoke. “You have such a gorgeous, sexy body. I can’t believe that after so long of wanting it I’m finally getting to see it, smell it, feel it…taste it.” Kid spread apart Crona’s cheeks and licked his entrance.
“Oh, Kid! Ohhhh!”
Somewhere in the midst of all this Crona had started to feel guilty for receiving all the pleasure. Upon noticing the throbbing member that was standing at attention directly in front of his face, Crona decided to share the pleasure. He licked his hand, wrapped them firmly around the sizable manhood and stroked rhythmically.
Kid started at the feeling. “Crona, bạn don’t have to do that!”
“I want to.” He looked back at Kid then took his mouth to the cock of his lover. He sucked and moved his tongue around the head skillfully. Kid was completely taken aback with how good Crona was.
“Dammit, Crona! You’re so good at that. Shit!”
“Am I really?”
“Hell yes!” Kid put his hand on the back of Crona’s head and thrust into his mouth. He went in deeper until he made Crona gag. “Okay, enough of that.”
“Why? bạn don’t like it?”
“It’s incredible, but if bạn keep it up I’ll have to wait even longer for this tiếp theo part. I’ve been waiting long enough.”
Kid flipped Crona onto his back then got on hàng đầu, đầu trang of him. He gently started to insert himself inside of the delicate young boy. That boy winced slightly while he let out a moan of pain and pleasure. The earlier feeling of two relatively thin digits inside him was nothing compared to this. His lover’s cock was long and thick and it pulsed within him. It did indeed hurt, but thêm so than that it brought Crona an undeniable feeling of pleasure. It was warm and he liked the way it filled him up.
“How does it feel?”
Crona looked up into Kid’s hopeful eyes and smiled. “It feels amazing.”
Kid sighed in relief. “So can I start moving now?”
He waited until he received a nod from the young man beneath him then he began thrusting his hips. They both erupted into a symphony of pleasured moans. The feeling was so intense. Death the Kid grabbed onto Crona’s legs and pushed them high up into the air. He used the leverage to drive himself rapidly into Crona.
Crona gasped in surprise. “K-Kid! Aahhha! It f-feels so gooood!”
Kid grinned at Crona’s positive reaction. “It’s so hot inside of you.”
Death the Kid bent Crona’s legs all the way back so the lay tiếp theo to the màu hồng, hồng haired uke’s head. His rock hard member reached deeper and deeper in Crona. The way Crona’s body jolted beneath him and the sensual sounds that flowed out of Crona’s mouth only served to arouse Kid thêm and make him strive to evoke even greater passion from his lover.
“Crona…I tình yêu you! I’m completely in tình yêu with you!”
Crona locked eyes with the boy – no, the man – above him and within those eyes his saw the rawest and purest of emotions. “I tình yêu bạn too, Death the Kid. With all of my being I tình yêu you.”
They clung to each other, so closely connected that they were nearly combined as one; every part of them was synched with the other. The two young men reached their climaxes together and they fell into a state of disorientation as they were both exhausted. Death the Kid settled down beside Crona on the giường and pulled his companion against him so that the tired younger boy could rest his head against his chest.
“That was so incredible.”
Crona weakly nodded in agreement and after a few phút of silence he spoke up, “I’m so happy.”
Kid smiled and kissed the hàng đầu, đầu trang of Crona’s head. “Me too.”
They soon drifted off into deep slumber, cradled within each other’s arms in a true lovers’ embrace.

The present morning…
“Uhhhh…,” Maka searched for something to say that would break the awkward silence. “Maybe we should just go. We wouldn’t want to wake them.”
However, it was too late. Death the Kid started to shift then sat up, still not very conscious of his surrounds. He yawned a stretched before he opened his eyes and finally noticed his Những người bạn and father standing just inside his doorway with their eyes glued to him. He looked back at them for a few moments then he pulled the blanket up thêm as if to protect Crona from their gazes and said, “I guess I should have made sure the door was double bolted if I wanted to have some privacy in my own room.”
Maka rushed forwarded a few steps – her hands were clasped together and rested against her chest. “Kid, we are so sorry! We shouldn’t have just barged in like this!”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. Just keep it down. Crona’s still sleeping.”
Just as he finished speaking, Crona rolled over on his side, facing Kid, and sleepily opened his eyes. “Mmm…Kid…What’s going on?” he asked in a groggy voice.
“Nothing. Go back to sleep, my love.”
“Mmkay.” Crona switched back onto his other side, but noticed everyone standing there before he could even close his eyes. It only took him a chẻ, phân chia, split một giây to throw the covers completely over himself and curl up in a ball.
With Crona feeling completely vulnerable, Ragunarok seized the chance to knock down Crona’s mental and physical blocks and came out swinging. He repeatedly punched his meister in the back on the head while screaming at him, “What the hell, Crona?!?! How dare bạn do that to me! And for something so disgusting! bạn think bạn can just block me out any time bạn want?! Huh?! Not in your wildest dreams!! If bạn ever do that again I’ll-”
Everyone turned to see who had interrupted Ragunarok.
Tsubaki stepped forward, her eyes filled with anger. “Don’t bạn yell at him! He did nothing wrong!” Her look softened as she looked directly at Crona. “You tình yêu Kid, don’t you?” Once she received a nod from the màu hồng, hồng haired boy she turned her gaze on Death the Kid. “And bạn tình yêu Crona, don’t you?”
“I do.”
“Then it’s beautiful! Crona can do as he pleases with his body and he has no obligations to consult bạn in the matter, Ragunarok!” Tsubaki spat at the demon angrily.
Ragunarok let out a huff of anger before dissolving back into Crona, the boy immediately throwing up the block once he was gone.
Black Star’s weapon turned back to look at the others. “Let’s go.”
Everyone quickly and silently followed her out except for Lord Death. He gazed at his son with his hollow black eyes and Death the Kid met that gaze with confident and determined eyes.
After about a một phút of silence, Lord Death finally addressed his son. “I just want bạn to know that whatever makes bạn happy I will support and stand bởi you. Both of you.”
“Thank you, Father.”
Death gave a nod of his head and then exited the room, shutting the door behind him.
Kid slipped the covers down and wrapped his arms tightly around Crona, burrowing his face in his back. “I’m so sorry, Crona. I’m so, so sorry.”
“It’s okay. I’m the one who should be sorry. I embarrassed bạn in front of your Những người bạn and your father. I caused bạn trouble. I’m an embarrassment.”
“Hey,” Death the Kid spoke in a stern, but somewhat gentle voice as he turned Crona over so they could look in each other’s eyes. “You did not embarrass me. bạn didn’t cause me any trouble. And bạn certainly are not an embarrassment. They were going to find out eventually, right? What does it matter if it was a little sooner than we planned? We’re happy. We tình yêu each other. Why not share that with the people closest to use?” He raised an eyebrow at his lover. “Are bạn happy?”
Crona nodded.
“Do bạn tình yêu me?”
“Of course.”
“Then there’s nothing to worry about. I know that I have never been happier in my entire life and I have never wanted anything hoặc anyone as much as I want you. To be with you, to tình yêu you, to be loved bởi bạn – there is nothing else in this world that I would trade in place of all of this. You’re my everything, now and forever. I tình yêu you, Crona.”
Crona’s eyes began to tear up. “I tình yêu bạn too, Kid. I tình yêu bạn so much that it hurts.”
“Let me see if I can ease that pain.” Kid pulled Crona closer into a sensual kiss. When their lips parted his smiled down at the young man that was the tình yêu of his life. “Better?”
Crona sniffled a bit and wiped his eyes. “Getting there. I think it’s going to take a little thêm than that.”
Death the Kid’s handsome smile turned into a mischievous grin. “Not a problem. I’ve got all ngày to make sure that there isn’t an iota of pain left in that delicate little body of yours.” He yanked the sheet up over their heads, enveloping them in their own world where they could get Mất tích within each other.