Giang hồ đẫm máu katey HAD this!

gemmaqueen posted on Jan 18, 2011 at 06:44AM
After living and working in the business for so long in nyc & l.a.the nepotism & pc bullshit gets in the way of acknowledging true bravery in tv drama....not hbo drama...but like fx where the parameters are much more of a production landmine.Sutter the cast and crew have skated this razor wire of navigation over the censor quagmire and their brilliance has shined through as always!I am supremely proud of Katey.She's been busting her hump in this crazy indusrty for a long time...well before Peg put on her hotpants.As a fellow artist i feel so much for her sucess because she's stuck it out.She's survived.She's thrived.Because she's got the drive and she has the talent in spades.I am so very happy and proud of her.
Kick ass Mama!

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