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DarkSarcasm posted on Nov 27, 2012 at 01:06AM
This forum will contain spoilers. Probably not a good idea to stalk it until you're all caught up. You've been warned.

A place where everyone is welcome to discuss all things SOA (or whatever's on your mind) and hopefully, keep all the spoilery stuff off of the wall. Plus, this should be cheaper than the therapy we'll all probably need soon. ;)
 [b]*~*[u]WARNING[/u]*~* [i]This diễn đàn will contain spoilers. Probably not a good idea to stalk it u
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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
First order of business... this forum needs a better title. Any suggestions, tons of other people who will definitely be participating here? =P
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
SoA triple A


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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
big smile
^I was just getting ready to post something on your wall about a fun new place to have meltdowns. =P

Ooh, not bad, Cap. I like it. It'd make a good battle-cry. ;D I'll give it a few days, see if there are any other ideas - 'cause I totally expect lots of activity here, ha - and then I have an evil plan. Mwahahahaaa. =D
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Haha I have learned to keep my eye on thsi club because of you, be aware of all developments.

Considering its past midnight and I'm tired as hell Im surprised its that good. I will think of more. I've just been stuck on triple A all day.
Yes tons of activity :P

Why is it when you type something like that I fear you're some kinda mad bomber or something....
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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
Some of my best ideas come from a sleep deprived state. Makes the brain weirder than usual. Not that I encourage that sort of thing.

'Mad bomber' isn't really my style. ;)
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hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Maybe not 'mad bomber' but definitely something :P

No encouragement needed, I'm just an insomniac ah so~
SOAP (cause soap is cle and a poetic opposite of SoA) - Sons of Anarchy Psychiatry

I am gonna go see if I can berate people into coming to this thing.
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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
'Evil genius' will do. ;)

SOA... ugh, I still got nothin'. You're up by two now.

Be nice, Cap. No crushing people's hands with vans. Or hammers. =D
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I was completely sure I'd be having an epic meltdown tonight. I'm so fucking relieved, I don't even know what to do with myself.
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
I practically chewed throgh a pillow tuesday night. Then Tig lived and I breathed a huge sigh of relief and the world was lifted off my shoulders.
I was only upset over two things~ dog-fighting, and that Tig was stuck crying on Jax's shoulder.
The Tiggy-dog moments were so adorable though, they both needed love.
I'm just glad my boys are okay, no one cool died. We're okay, now I gotta get through a year of no new SoA, reruns for me :)
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I've temporarily forgiven Sutter for everything because of Tig and his dog. And for not killing anybody that mattered, but mostly the dog thing. =D

I think I *need* a year with no new SOA. Recovery period. Learn how to breathe again. =P I re-started season 1 last night. Everyone's so young and happy and alive and not completely fucked. *sigh*
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Haha good times. I only have season 4 on dvd. Totally getting Seasons 1-3 this Christmas, I'm dropping hints everywhere so if someone doesn't buy it for me, I'm just gonna use my money for friends gifts to buy it and friends get nothing.
The dog thing was so cute :) Totally needed. Plus everything it says about Tig. I still fawn over the thought of it. Sutter has been forgiven.

I gotta say though- Otto and the tongue ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY AMAZING!! For some reason the most hilarious thing shown in the past couple episodes. It just was. I was hysterical the entire commercial break after it. 8)
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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
Next time you drop a hint for SOA DVDs, point it towards eBay. I got all 4 seasons for about the same price as *one* season goes for in most stores. Yay for being a cheap bastard. =P

Oh god, Otto and the tongue. That was... unexpected. Gross. Insane. O.O What's gonna be the next Otto-sense to go, nose or ears? =P
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Cheapiness is good :) Thanks for the tip.

I'm betting on ears~ Lee is gonna cut it off.
Still it was cool, "His way of not talking....forever."
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
...and Sutter's way of getting out of Otto duty? =P

Ohbtw, I got behind a car with a "I <3 My Boston Terrier" frame around their license plate yesterday and now I think it's absolutely necessary to get a pit bull one for Tig's bike next season. How great (but also terrible) would that be? XD
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
XD Maybe, I've seen him talk about getting annoyed cause he has to glue his eye to make it like Otto's and it usually doesn't wear off for awhile. He's got Ottoeye for like a week.

Lol, I've seen those.I think it'd be great. It IS necessary.
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
That sounds like it would suck. Hmmm, wonder who he can blame for that? =P

Last time I watched the beginning of SOA was before I watched The Shield, and everything's all weird this time around. Can't stop thinking about Tara's crazy ex strangling cats (Karnes is marked for life). Does make me appreciate a lot of the shared cast that I didn't really notice before, though.
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Dutch boy is back! That reminds me he's got new show coming on, I wanna say USA but I keep looking at him going "Oh my god Dutch-boy you went from dorky cop, to creepy stalker dead guy, to whatever the hell this is."
And I couldn't watch Wedding Band last night cause Harold is on it, and I just kept thinking "I wanna shoot you Pope!"
SoA is single-handedly changing my whole tv experience.

I watched Shield first, so when Koz died it was Lem all over again and I blame Kurt for killing the only blonde guy I've ever liked. And then he just died on Burn Notice too, Kenny can't catch a break.
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I could probably watch another Karnes show. I mean, there's always gonna be the 'hey, I saw you strangle a cat once, you pompous ass!' thing going on, but there's just something like-able about him. I've been kinda holding a grudge against Harold Perrineau since Lost, where he was one of the most obnoxious characters ever cre-WAAAAAAAAAAAAALT-ated. He's a pretty cool guy, but he plays the friggin' worst characters.

Ok, confession - I haven't *technically* finished The Shield yet. I decided to take a break after The Grenade Incident (knew it was coming but it still sucked), waiting for the motivation to go back for the last 2 seasons. But thanks to the internet, I know how it ends and stuff. I'll get there eventually.

Really? The *only* blonde guy you've ever liked? Good thing you don't have a type or anything. ;) I didn't like Kenny at first, then just randomly changed my mind one day. Still no idea why. I hate that! Have you seen Saving Grace? That's been bumped up on the 'watch me' list since I decided he was worth career-stalking. Wonder if it's any good.
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hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
The cat thing disturbed me. Wanna hurt a human?- Fine. Go after an animal though and I lose it.
But yeah I will continue to watch Karne I just I dunno- his like-ableness is an enigma.
I will continue to hate Harold for awhile- I totally stayed away from Lost though. Didn't want to get involved in that drama.

Reasons why I hate the internet- but you should watch the end. Last scene with Ronnie and Vic was cool. Seven cops I wanna say, seven to hold his skinny ass back from getting Vic.- Priceless.

Well okay there's Chris Hemsworth....that's about it. I don't like blondde guys so what, I'm stereotypical. Plus dark-haired guys- WAY better. They just are (tend to be more troublemakers though)
I have not seen it though I considered it since Kenny is on for a bit. But I saw the commercials and went "This chick is too emotional, not gonna watch it." I said the same about The Closer and I feel in love with thatm I should stop judging.
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I don't know what it is about animals that does it. The one part of The Walking Dead I can't take, through all the humans being ripped apart and eaten alive and whatnot, was when someone snapped a chicken's legs and fed it to the zombies. I mean, I hate chickens, but the crack... and the... *shudder* NEXT TOPIC.

Theo, Katey, Titus & Paula Malcolmson were in Lost! Briefly. It was a lotta drama though, I can understand not wanting to get wrapped up in another one. Even if it had some of the best TV villains ever... ;)

It was a good thing, internet vs. Shield. I went to the wiki, I wanted to know stuff. Didn't know about the Ronnie/Vic scene though, you go bro. =D

The chick is kinda what's holding me back from SG, too. For the most part, I prefer my female-driven shows to be comedies. Funny > sobbing and whining and back-stabbing and ughhh. ;) Still gonna give it a shot, I almost never like the main character anyway.
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hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
I agree moving on.

Okay....I MAY really wanna watch Lost now....maybe.....

Season 4 of SoA got a tad ruined for me cause of the internet, so I am in a bit of a grudge state still.

I agree though I don't know many famle driven comedies- Reba, Malibu Country, The Nanny- makes me feel old that half the people I talk have never even heard of those. Though Malibu is new but still
SG is on my list though, maybe after Blue Bloods and I catch up on Leverage.

hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
Really? That's all it took to get you interested in Lost? Hope none of the SOA actors are outed for a drug problem anytime soon... =P

I've heard of those, just never seen any of them. Sounding old isn't always a bad thing. I think. Whatever. Get off my lawn! =D

Dammit, Leverage. I knew there was something else I was behind on. *adds to list*
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Theo- Theo gets me interested in anything.
Well there was Jonny Lewis- R.I.P.- but I think I'll stay away from such habits. Besides if any of them are on drugs it'd be Katey- I know it.

I ways feel older than everyone else, and most of them are older than me :P Ah well it's okay I don't wanna be a whipper snapper anyway.

I know right, Tuesday nights at 10 :> I didn't watch the return season cause of SoA- don't have that problem anymore. So I'm just hoping Chrisgian Kane didn't do anything cool in the last few episodes, cause it would suck to have missed that.
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
Disclaimer: He was only in one episode. Buuut, I just found out that he'll be on L&O: SVU this season, so there's that. =D

Katey? Wouldn't have been my first guess, but oookay. =P Good idea, young'n. No drugs. Just unhealthy emotional attachments to fictional characters. Therapy is better than rehab!

Y'know, there's this really cool thing called the internet, where you can prooobably find the Leverage eps you missed... ;) If you don't want to go that route, I'm sure they'll show re-runs at some point.
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hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
I wonder if he'll be a bad guy, Tommy was, it'd make snese. Unless he's the victum I can see that too.

I'm tellin' you it'd be her, though Mark might be in there as well. My boys though are all a buncha momma's boys so I don't think they would.

You know, sometimes I REALLY wanna slap you. Just seriously Gibbs smack your head a few hundred times :P
And yeah well a mobile isn't the best way to watch episodes, too many "This video is not optimized for mobile", "The video has not been fitted to this format" messages oh and my favorite "This video cannot be played" -right when it's about to get good, every damn time. Like the video just suddenly decided it can't play.
Truth is I need to get a computer :P
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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
(ignore this paragraph if you don't want anything resembling SVU spoilers) TV Line says Theo will be "a working-class Catholic who is determined to seek justice for his sister when he finds that she was part of a church cover-up." Sooo that sounds interesting. =D

BTW, have you seen Hero Wanted? It's got Coates & Flanagan in it. And Norman Reedus. Which makes me want to see it, even though Ray Liotta is the star. *growl* Wonder if it's any good.

Why would you want to slap me, delinquent? I've done nothing!

Ah. Didn't know you did all your internetting via phone. Still hope for re-runs, I guess.

2 pages! =D
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hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Oh that totally spoiled it :P Figures he plays a Catholic

Tommy has the BEST scene ever in Hero Wanted, Kim wasn't in it as much but his character and Tommy's character were working together. And actually Cuba Gooding Jr. is the star~ I can't even remember what Liotta did in that movie.(I take it you don't like him?)
The movie itself was alright, wasn't amazing or anything. But I liked Tommy and Kim's part, pretty cool even if sad.

Nothing? I don't believe you. >_> <_<

Yeah. Actually technically I have a computer, a Mac desktop and a laptop- but neither are from this century or have recent software. And I haven't hat the net on either for like 7 years I think, it might be 8 .-. And I just got internet on the ohone this year so......yeah
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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I waaarned you. =P

CGJ & Liotta are the ones on the cover, I figured they were both the stars. *shrug* I feel an irrational amount of hatred toward Ray Liotta. Not even sure why. Everything about him just pisses me off. In a violent way. But if you don't remember much about him in the movie, that sounds promising. Might order it next time I need to add a few bucks on Amazon to meet the free shipping minimum.

Oh, you poor child, stone-aging it all these years. I know I'm a bit late, but... welcome to the world wide web. =P
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
I can't blame you. He seems so arrogant like he thinks he's better than everyone else, just like Christian Bale- now that guy pisses me off. Liotta might have been the sniper guy, but I don't think so. That guy was way too cool :)

Well I do claim to be old-school, it just got a tad out of hand. But thank you, welcome to dealing with my insaness.
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
Ha, that might be it. I have Christian Bale issues, too. A lot of people bother me, but I think Kathryn Erbe (the chick from L&O: Criminal Intent) tops the list. Just seeing her makes my blood boil. You have any of those?

I appreciate your insane-ness. It keeps things interesting. =D
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
I was okay with Kathryn- the redhead who was partnered up with Chirs Noth (Logan) she ticked me off, just couldn't stand her. And then Marc Blucas and whoever plays Paige on Royal Pains. Oh and Ashton Kutcher in anything.
Bale- just ugh, sound like you're gargling marbles.

Glad to know someone appreciates it :P

Okay so, Coates- the tattoo on his chest real or no? I thought it was fake like Flanagan's but now I'm thinking it's real. But then I just read something that said it was Donna holding a gun- why would you get that as a real tattoo? I mean Coates has his uh, indiosyncracies but that's a tat don't see happenin'. But that tat is in eery freakin pic (not that I spend hours searchng all his pics or anything :P) So now I just wanna know what the hell it is. Google just keeps bringing up the same interview- it's irkitating.
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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I don't know who your redhead is, I've never made it through a whole CI episode due to the high risk of breaking things. Also never seen Royal Pains, but I saw Marc Blucas in one movie! He was a psycho who drowned his wife in a bathtub. Didn't leave a great impression. =P

I want to say it's real, because I'm pretty sure I've seen off-the-set pictures of it, but I can't seem to locate any of them at the moment. Now I'm just gonna have to go stalk the internet until I find it. *sigh* How eeever will I cope with this pain-in-the-ass task? ;)
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hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Marc is from Necessary Roughness- my bad, should've said that. But I don't watch the show for him, I watch it for Scott Cohen~ so much hotter, just saying. But Marc as a psycho it fits.
Wheeler- that was her name I think, and Julianne Nicholas or something like that was her real name. She ain't worth it though.

It's fake. Damn. I finally found one where he says it's fake. In his words "I'm an nternal guy. I can't play an accountant with a sabertooth tiger on my chest" I seriously thought it was real. .-.
There are some pain-in-the-ass tasks that are good, entertainment at least
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I IMDb'd him, I figured that's where he started annoying you.

I was just coming back to report that the only pics I could find were from a SOA premiere and more recent ones had no ink. Beat me to it. Ah, well.

Question because of tumblr-stalking Coates earlier - the Tig/Kozik fighting because of Missy thing. Did you think that was funny?
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Did I think it was funny they were fighting? Yeah. Did I think what they were fighting about was funny? No. My love of animals put me on Tig's side. I mean if something happened to my dog while they were in the care of someone else- I'd probably try to kill them. I identify with Tig too much but hell we have a lot in common so I don't care.
Course I didn't hate Koz, but I understand the anger. And you know he made up for it so I like 'em both.
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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I keep seeing a lot of "OMG LOLOL they're fighting over a dog!" on tumblr and it made me wonder. I mean, I thought the first instance of that reaction was just a lone nut, but that's a pretty popular opinion on the subject. I enjoyed watching them fight & bitch at each other, but I thought the Missy revelation was just sad. Obviously, it didn't end well for the dog and both humans were broken up about it. I don't understaaaand you, internet.

Okay. I feel better about that now. =D

So, dogs. Dogs are awesome. Much better than cats, who are furry little bitches. Do you have a favorite breed?
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hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
That opinion kinda bothered me, I see it on a lot of SoA sites and stuff. I'm just not sure if the people really thought it was hilarious it was over a dog, or because they were at eachothers throats even years after.

I like cats too but only when they aren't trying to or looking at me like they are planning my death (which is rarely) dogs are definitely better.
My fav breed changes, longest time it was a Dalmation, then a St. Bernard, then a Schnauzer, then a German Sheperd and now it's a Malamute. Though Bernese Moutain dogs ajd the Shetlands are prety high up too, as ar labadors- I just love dogs
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
Either way, people be crazy. May Tig and his new love live a long, healthy life together. =D

I was attacked by a psycho cat as a child, haven't been very fond of them since. Claws. Attitudes. Shedding. Allergy issues. Death-plotting. The anti-cat list could go on forever.

Dalmatians are pretty, they're just so friggin' hyper all the time. Had one of those a looong time ago. Never seen a better dog than the Irish Setter I had as a kid, though - I'd like to get another one of those if I ever have a dog-friendly place again. Or a Border Collie. Major obsession with those at one point, but never had one.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are so pretty. 'The Breed' kinda ruined Shepherds, though - experimented-on, man-eating attack dogs. Yikes. Your fondness for Malamutes wouldn't have anything to do with Theo's gorgeous monsters, would it? ;)

Now I wanna watch a dog movie and it's allll your fault. =P
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Tig and Bonnie, they should stay together forever- Kurt hetter give then some scenes in season 6!

I can only watch happy dog movies I cry like a little bitch whenever something sad happens to a dog. It's almost humiliating.

I thought Cujo kinda ruined German Sheperds as well though I've never seen it. I will always love the breed though. I forgot about Border Collies, my cuz had one, his name was Jordan he died last week :'( Gah now I'm sad again- your fault. I have never even seen an Irish Setter in real life, kinda ticks me off. Theo's got Malamutes? Seriously? Damn awesome! No axtually my obsession started because they were on a coffee muf I had been drinking out of for years (it was my fav mug) and I mever even looked at what was on it. Then when, after years of using it, it was love at first sight. It had a real nice painting of malamutes on it. They're stunning.

I'd never live in a not dog friendly place. I'd have a dog and get evicted.
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
Guess I shouldn't mention that I was considering Old Yeller, then... =P I feel ya, I do that too. More with horse movies, though. (Never, ever watch 'In Pursuit of Honor.')

I thought Cujo was a St Bernard... eh, I've never seen it/had any desire to see it either. I pretty much only see horror movies if it has an actor I'm stalking in it. Sorry about your cousin's dog, that always sucks. =(

You used a coffee cup for years without noticing what was on it? Your observation skills are amaaazing. XD

The issue for me is that I live in town. Not "big city" town, but if I had a dog, I'd like for them to have more room than this to run around in. I could probably have a little ankle-biter, but ew. Plus, my neighbor had a pit bull that got confiscated after getting loose a few times... he went to the pound to pick him up and got an "oops, sorry, we killed him already." This place rockssss. [/sarcasm]

Now that I think about it, Theo's dog is probably a Husky... Malamutes are huge, I don't think this one's that big - they look so much alike, though. Whatever, he's pretty. =D
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 Guess I shouldn't mention that I was considering Old Yeller, then... =P I feel ya, I do that too. M
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
He's beautiful :D

I live in town as well~ it sucks! Technically not suppose to have a dog, but the landlords nice and the dog is very much inside. I hate pounds :/ reason why I never travel.

You know, as far as I was concerned it was a coffee cup thay I needed for coffee and that is my plan every mornign otherwise I will kill someone, so I was more concerned with avoiding stress and idiots and drinking coffee then what was on it. But yeah I'm quite tunnel-visioned. I do hiwever know what's on my coffee mugs now- so there's a step up.

I have not yet seen Old Yeller but I plan to watch it, it's a dog movie even of it's sad. I did the same with Hachi- it had a cute dog and Richard Gere it was really a nobrainer for me so I watched it.

I don't watch horror movies either, they are stupid in my opinion. I do plan to watch dome suspense/serial killer/ kinda horror film though JUst because Flanagan is the voice of the killer :D Answer your phone and some Scottish guy tells you to "Find the children" I can't say I'd be creeped out. Fangrl first cause Scottish accents are awesome! Then go "'re gonna kill me aren't you?"

Love the new look by the way and the name ^.^
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I don't travel because I hate traffic, people and traveling. Your reason is better. =P What kind of dog do you have, if you don't mind me asking?

Oh wow, you've never seen Old Yeller... yeah, I think that'll fall into the 'sad' category. Great story and cast, and I count both the book & movie as favorites - but you're probably gonna want to stock up on tissues before you watch it. Especially for the first time. Fact that probably excited me a lot more than it will you: Kevin Corcoran, who was the youngest brother in Old Yeller (which came out in 1957), was a SOA producer for the first 2 seasons. =D

I want to see When A Stranger Calls, too. Mostly for Flanagan, but also because I like the idea of Camilla Belle being terrorized. Mwahahahahaaa. My favorite horror movie line is, "please don't kill me!" Because that obviously always works. "Oh, okay, I'll let you live because you said please." Morons.

You're to blame... er, thank, for the name. So thanks for that. Glad you like our Reaper! =D
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Well.....are you gonna stalk my dog? She doesn't like stalkers but if you do she'll use her lick attack on you! You'll be terrified when you see a giant black sausage comign towards you ;)
Anyway, she's a black lab- total runt though. So stocky and has a very pointy nose. I think she's got some dauschund. Now if you wanna count all the dogs I technically "own" cause I pay more attention to them but they don't live with me I have about 7 golden retrievers, a bulldog a terrier and some really big dog named Bo but I don't know what breed he is. I swear I am the only person wuo doesn't have a golden retriever. Nayway technically they don't belong to me- but in my mind, like so many other things. They are all my dogs and part of my animal family.

Seriousky? Now that's cool :) I watch anything eith SoA people involved. Jow I wanna watch the movie first. Hmmm maybe Christmas Eve, Old Yeller followed by Polar Express and The Year Without A Santa Claus- be a perfect day.

Lol, totally agree. And then they always go in the basement too. Dumbasses. I don't know much about Camilla Belle other than I have seen her in something though I've no idea ehat it was. But no definitely for Flanagan. I got to keep up with my Scots, especially after watching Entrapment with Sean Connery 5 times- I miss all the other Scots.

How did you do that with the Reaper anyway? That's fucking awesome!

Oh and btw Mr. Mayhem- death? Or just some guy who basically means death for Sons cause he kills them? Your opinion?
hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
Nah, I'm not a dog-stalker. Quite a lot of 'em in your general area, Cap. =P

Ah, yes. Christmas movie, depressing dog movie, Christmas movie, Christmas movie. Sounds like a super fun marathon. ;)

Camilla is in one of my favorite movies (The Chumscrubber - great while you're watching, but will throw you into a 3-day zombie-like the-world-is-pointless daze afterwards)... but everything from her face to the way she talks just annoys me. You stalk a lot o' the Irish too, or is it just the Scots? I'm more into the Canadians, myself... =D

The Reaper was the easy part of the picture. Getting the text to bend the right amount and go in the right place, that was the tricky part. =P

The 'Meet Mr. Mayhem' thing is taking a life for the club. I guess both your answers are right - it does mean death and somebody's gotta do it. *insert smiley face tattoo here*
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
So true.

It will be as long as they put my movies on.

Sounds like an intereating movie. I was just for the Scots for a while cause of Connery. And then of course now you have Gerard Butler and Robert Carlyle (who for some reason is only good looking in SGU) and of course Flanagan. But Irish guys I love, but don't know too many though. And Canadians- oh Canadians I love them. Just don't know too many again, there's probably a bunch of actors I stalk that are Canadian and I just don't know it. Coates and Hugh Dillon are my current favs though Coates has always been a fav.

That's what I mean, like it's the same font and every just wow. Then again I am easily amazed by things relating to animals, SoA, or lights.

See I knew it meant death, I just wonder who does it- but now that I think about it, that's how they get the Men of Mayhem patch. Why did I not connect the dots earlie- ahh blonde moment.

Okay so then who you thinks gonna be the new VP? It's gotta be Chibs. I mean hell you can't have any of the other guys do it. Juice is too happy and depressed and has been outed as a rat plus he's still at a low rank. And then you got Hap but he's Happy, he wouldn't do it at all. Which means someone else would have to take up the SAA- and that would have to be either Tig or Hap. I don't see Hap wanting to do it, but he would for the club and Jax definitely likes him more than Tig. But if Jax made Tig SAA again, that just puts the man further under his thumb and allows for more control. Then again he and Tig still have the whole "Oh I saved your life so now you always agree with me" thing. So unless they brought in more members next season....

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hơn một năm qua DarkSarcasm said…
I think you'd probably like Kevin Durand. Freakishly tall Canadian who pretty much *always* plays the bad guy. (Stuff he was in that you might've seen: Real Steel, I Am Number Four, Robin Hood (the Crowe one), 3:10 to Yuma, Wild Hogs, Smokin' Aces, Walking Tall.) He might be a little young for you though, he's not quite 40 yet. ;D

The patch that made me curious was 'Unholy Ones'. The SOA wiki says, "The patch is worn by those who are willing to sacrifice loyalty to individual club members for the overall good of the club. Worn by Clay, Happy, and Benny (SAMTAZ). Given to longstanding members, those who will "fight to the last breath" or die SoA." I wonder what determines who gets that one, since only 3 known members have it... and you can't really wear it if you've actually died for the Sons. =P

Yeah, I'm also thinking Chibs for VP. I'm sad that Bobby gave it up, but I get why he did it. I wouldn't want to try to reign in Jax either. He's like a stubborn, out of control child. I'm with you on the Happy vs Tig for SAA... I just don't know.
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Final Season Plot Twist: AJ Weston's crazy little Nazi children come back and kill everyone.
hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
I have seen all those....hmm I will have to look him up.
Ha, ha XP. It's not my fault that evolution is making people uglier.

Lol true- "fight to the last breath" huh? Then why the hell does Clay have one~ fight for himself is all he does. And actually they do bury you with your cut~ so your dead body gets to wear the patch if you die. I think Sutter should explain all these damn patches- and the pins. Clay's got wings, which are given to paratroopers. So what? He was a paratrooper in the Army? And only Jax, Ope, and Clay have pins anyway. And how come Tig doesn't have a Men of Mayhem patc? He kills people all the time. And I'm sure somewhere down the line it's been a brother.
But my greatest question- What the hell happened to Chibs scarf? What? It got to warm for that? It's California! I gotta admit though, that episode he first stopped wearing the leather jacket, holy chiz he looked good. Had to have had his leather tailored or something. o.o
My rant for the day.

Bobby should have the gavel. But if he gets it, he needs to build Redwood from the ground up. Take a few members with him and scrap all these damn vendettas and outdated rules. Otherwise he's gonna become a "savage" to. We SO don't need another Clay/Jax freak.

hơn một năm qua CapShunsuifan13 said…
Lol. Though I've actually been expecting Zobelle to come back.....
hơn một năm qua SSLA said…
Just wanted to let people know there is a autographed helmet on Ebay including Sonny Barger for charity. It's pretty bad ass and the best Christmas present an SOA fan could ever get!

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