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 sonic the hedgehog... comic??
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Source: LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại my friend did this
she did this when she got bored
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posted by silvaria_fan23
 invader shadow
invader shadow
knuckle tallest:hi ladies and getelmans irkens were gana present u the invader irkens irkens:woo hoo yeah we luv u espio tallest:invader irkens come here right now invader irkens:ok *mean while* shadow:im gana be late gahh di chuyển stupid ships irken:hey watch in không gian idiot shadow:my name is shadow!!! shadow:finally im here irkens:huh shadow xin chào dont push me knuckles tallest:ur gana be with the ugly rats bokkun bokkun:*tears of fear burst out* ....... ghhh espio tallest:do i hear oh no its knuckles tallest:shadow shadow:yeahh yeah give me my evil plan knuckles tallest:u get a tuna sandwich, bánh sandwich shadow:wht...
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on the outskirts of ngọc lục bảo city
sonic is just getting a couple of chilidogs
shadow-(thinking)thinks he can mess around with my girl withougth me knowing?hes got something comming.
5 mins later
sonic walks off the bench and into the city
sonic-shadow?wat r u doing here?
shadow-well,wat a coincidence;u know wat i want
sonic with the huh? expression on his face.
shadow-i want u 2 quit hangin around my girl!
shadow-yes & as i recall u were at our house last nigth.u were the one that gave here that ring!
sonic-(surprized a bit)u know about the ring?how du u know i was there last nigth?
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shadow-hey ash,why do u have the phone in your hand?
ash-ummm...i was just calling...princess peach...peach,did i say peach?i meant elise!elise!
shadow-who the hell is elise?
ash-ummmm...a friend.
(shadow grabbed his clonge & headed 4 the shower.ash timed her call & waited 4 the water 2 run so shadow wouldent hear.)
sonic-yo tails!i got the game set up.(phone rings,looks at caller ID)what`s up ash?
ash-i just got done speacking 2 arianna on the behalf of shadow.she đã đưa ý kiến the bo6th of us come 2 her house at around the same time but seperately.
sonic-how come?
ash-so shadow...
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sonic finds shadow sleeping and listening to his cd player well yeah bạn know sonic haha XD
cd player
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