Nhím Sonic Sonic Roleplay: "Daddy Sonic"

gyrothehedgehog posted on Jan 14, 2013 at 03:40AM
Sonic the Hedgehog has been dared to put on Amy's dress by Scourge-to make matters worse, Scourge posts the pictures on the Internet. So, to get revenge, Sonic dares him to lay down on a table. Thinking Sonic is just too much of a wuss to do anything good as a dare, he obeys.
Then Sonic gets out a diaper..
After injecting him with a sleeping drug and a muscle relaxant that makes his limbs as weak as a baby's, Sonic dresses Scourge as a baby and him and the others treat him like a baby.
I am being Scourge. You may be any OFFICIAL Sonic character.

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hơn một năm qua misshedgehog said…
can i use fan characters
hơn một năm qua gyrothehedgehog said…
Sure you can
hơn một năm qua misshedgehog said…
can we start it