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Name:Selina The emo Coyote(Selina Coyote)
Loves:chocalate,Emo stuff, singing, dancing, drawing,writing,reading,computers,Other Emos (or people hoặc look like a emo),hugging, kissing, snuggling,Chest Fluff!!!
Interests:Drawing,Singing,Dancing,Kissing, Hugging,Snuggling,cuddling,Storms!Love *'.'*
yêu thích Colors:Black,light blue,purple,silver, white,brown,red,
Human Friend:Colton The Human
Wat Selina Coyote Looks Like:LOOK AT THE PICS!
Things to Do with Selina:Watever Homie :)(:
Dont ever say hoặc do this in front of Selina:be a retard basiclly
Life Story: Parents(real non-adopted parents)dead,sisters,brothers,nanny all dead.
Adopted,Emo,NOT GOTH!!,only sonicfc to be a coyote (i think) Has no family besides Shadow and Rouge,lives a great life,doesnt DOES NOT do drugs,Drinks bia and stuff.
Since my good friend,Darkness23 left this site,i just left because it got boring here.But this club/dating service shall be alive no matter what! So please don't think i'm dead hoặc anything like that because i shall be posting thêm profiles of cute singles sonic girls and guys.I'll usually be on and just to let bạn guys know.Also i keep on forgeting to come one here because i'm busy with school now.I also been chatting with the greatest guy in the world.His SoFurry tên người dùng is UlitimateBlaziken.If bạn have a SoFurry account,please add me and him to your watchlists...
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