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name:luna the hedgehog. {middle name:michelle}


powers:death stare,atomic blast,time control,supper speed,strength.

weapons:piko hammer:looks like rosys hammer but its purple and black..she can also use guns...

likes:magic:bff. silver:*cough*nerd*cough*.shadow,amy,sonic,scourge:
hottie!!} scar{my kid}, hạt đậu, đậu the dynamite.

hates:egghead,fang the sniper,mephiles:he pissed me off,nazo the hedgehog:he tried to rape me!!!} sally acorn,elise:both annoying bitches!!}jake the hedgehog:my x boyfriend}

clothes:black and grey pants that sorta look like amys clothes..instead of white at the bottem they are black. black and grey shoes.grey and vàng power rings. :3

storylife: i was supposed to be a hedgehog ..but god had other 16 and i am the controller of time... scourge the hedgehog is my boyfriend soon to be husband!! X3. and i was a cáo, fox until now..i like my look better than the cáo, fox look...rofl...thats all im saying :3

btw:IM EVIL!!!!! >:3
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 mephiles making me feel better
mephiles making me feel better
One week later:
Me:im sorry Ms. Vanilla and tell Cream that im sorry
Ms. Vanilla:im so sorry sweetie. bạn can come over if bạn want to. Me cream and cheese want to meet the little girls.
Me:yes ill come in the afternoon see bạn at 5:00 (hangs up)
Phone:(i wont say im in tình yêu ringtone)
Me:(picks up) hello
Luna:how are the girls
Me:their fine and they have a new friend
Luna: who
Me:say hi
????:hi mama
Luna:omg is that
Me:yes it is
Luna:scar is that you
Luna:im coming over
Two phút later:
Luna:where is he
Me:(walk into room carrying scar) here he is
Luna:my baby boy
Scar: mama
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