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slick's full attire
vàng desert eagle(side arm)
commando assault rifle(primary)
wears(his áo sơ mi but with longer sleeves and his pants have 2 ammo holds on each side 4 each gun.and a grey long scarf)
regular combat dao, con dao just the handle has his name on it
his military vehicle(a regular military humvee)
his regular person car(a red middle striped car with the left side black and the right side white.the middle of the front mui xe has his logo)
climbing boots
a special red edges sword
mystacal powers:
dark power
chaos shot,chaos blast(only when enraged)chaos control(only with a chaos emerald)
ngọn lửa, chữa cháy powers(only when 1 of his Những người bạn r hurt and the 1 that hurt the friend tries to burn him)
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On September 3, Cynthia woke up seeing the beautiful ngày outside when she walked out the door.
"Im gonna tình yêu this school year!!!" she told herself as she walked to school.

5 phút later of walking to school, Cynthia met up with her boyfriend Mars.
"Mars, are bạn ok? bạn look pale." Cynthia admitted putting her hand on Mars' forehead.
It was warm.

Mars shook his head and walked off, Cynthia almost cried watching him walk away.
Rouge the Bat had acme along and met up with Cynthia.
"Hows the ngày gone?" Rouge asked in her sassy tone.
Cynthia shook her head and ran to the restroom to cry.

8 phút later after crying, Cynthia headed to class, math.

"This is going to be a hrrible year." Cynthia answered herself.
Name: Bethany
Gender: Female
Animal: Hedgehog
Age: 14
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 80 lbs.
Fur Color: Purple
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Black
Family Members: N/A (was adopted bởi Sonic the hedgehog)
Has A Crush On: Shadow the hedgehog
Powers: Speed, Psychic, Is a master of the dark arts, Is a wizard
Weapons: N/A
Clothing: Black spy suit for missions at G.U.N., Purple short sleeved shirt, black jeans, and purple boots with a white stripe on them (kinda like Amy's shoes.)
Personality: Nice, Sweet and lovable, Powerful, Can be angry at times, Is very gentile, Always knows the way, Is really intelligent
Hero, Evil,...
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 The cover of the book my dad wrote about the Great War.
The cover of the book my dad wrote about the Great War.
I know there are very mixed opinions here on this spot on the subject of recolouring over someone else's picture. There are people who think it is okay to steal SEGA's artwork to make their own character. Unfortunately for them, there is this law called 'copyright'. This means the owner can ask the thief to remove đã đưa ý kiến picture from đã đưa ý kiến domain (i.e. Fanpop, Photobucket, Youtube). There are people who respect this law and make their own characters from scratch. But if bạn can't draw, hoặc are too lazy to draw, bạn could use a dollmaker, hoặc use a base (this is similar to recolouring, except you...
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