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slick's full attire
vàng desert eagle(side arm)
commando assault rifle(primary)
wears(his áo sơ mi but with longer sleeves and his pants have 2 ammo holds on each side 4 each gun.and a grey long scarf)
regular combat dao, con dao just the handle has his name on it
his military vehicle(a regular military humvee)
his regular person car(a red middle striped car with the left side black and the right side white.the middle of the front mui xe has his logo)
climbing boots
a special red edges sword
mystacal powers:
dark power
chaos shot,chaos blast(only when enraged)chaos control(only with a chaos emerald)
ngọn lửa, chữa cháy powers(only when 1 of his Những người bạn r hurt and the 1 that hurt the friend tries to burn him)
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It was sunny,no clouds to be seen,A cool breeze swept the Saturday morning woods,or PARK. A green robotic hog was clumsly walking over to a donut stand. The sign on it said,"Closed" but to Caboose,it said,"Opened,eat anything bạn want! Including bạn Caboose!"

Caboose,though he didn't have a mouth,you could see bởi the gleam in his eye he wanted it so badly,he wanted to EAT them,BADLY. So,He went in head first,THROUGH the compartment in which the bánh doughnut were SUPPOSE to be held at,but,unluckly,there where no bánh doughnut to be seen.

As he held his head up high,he then realized,His head was still in the...
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Heart's POV
As I was looking over the hàng đầu, đầu trang of a building I wonderd,Is this worth it?The answer I came up with was yes.I quickly chim bồ câu, bồ câu off the edge of the building feeling the wind in my fur.The rush and adrinalin felt amazing.Before I hit the groun I spread my wings to fly.But alas,no succes.I pumeld into the ground barely breathing.That girl is me.Heart the Foxgon.Short for cáo, fox Dragon.Before bạn say something I dont breathe fire,I can barely fly,I have claws,fangs,and horns.Not to mention super strenght.But what did that matter?

Kyuu's POV
"Breaking news.A comet crash right...
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Miranda has 3 themes this is the một giây one im posting.
người hâm mộ
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