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posted by popthefox
one ngày in the mobius lived a cat girl and her bro and sis the 2 was a great fmily intil darkstalker dstroyed there family.................len: mom dad? len went to their living room and then kelly and gen found out that their parents died bởi darkstalker len gem and kelly were crying out there tears out.........when they where 18 they still stayed together forever even if they have arguements over anything but then they met a girl named eilly and the 3 came Những người bạn with each other and portected a forst called the grandworld................................................
posted by popthefox
eilly: well we are going now so bye.............danny and eilly went away..........kelly soon had the most ridcoulous idea to do to cleo......kelly: (jumps on cleo's back) cleo: what in the world!? well :) i like it! kelly: yay! eilly: woah who knows what kelly and cleo are doing right now (kelly and cleo where having fun together) danny: i think u shouldnt think about right now eilly: yea lets not (the 2 walkes away)eilly: wait danny! danny: uh oh! ahh!!! (runs while eilly is chaseing him) eilly: u get back here!...... stay tuned for the tiếp theo eilly comics! hahaha!! and the most funny ones hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (falls off laughing)
posted by popthefox
eilly: hi danny danny: hi eilly where have u been eilly: i was huh? (seens a phymid head) AHH!!! phymid head!!!!! (runs corned in fear) danny: dont worry (gets matter sword and slashes it) phymid head: (disappers) eilly: o mg that was close danny: i know so what do u want to do now eilly: hmmmmmmm (thinking) kelly and cleo: xin chào guys! eilly and danny: hi kelly and cleo! cleo: wht are u doing danny: well we fighted a phymid head kelly: o my eilly: yes i just hope we dont see it again.................stay tuned for the tiếp theo epicsode of................EILLY COMICS!!!
posted by marksmen456
A familair hedgehog black and red hedgehog was standing ontop of a cliff,looking down,deep in his thoughts. "Who am I? What am I?" He asked himself over and over again. But out of nowhere,he sensed a pressence heading his way. "What is that power?!" He đã đưa ý kiến in his thoughts. A being was standing right behind him,his lông, lông thú completely dark,red eyes,three spiked up quills,with two spikes on his back,and he had a smirk on his face. "Who are you?" asked Shadow.

The being laughed,"That's not really important right now,is it?" He said,with a smirk. Shadow knew that this guy was trouble,just bởi LOOKING...
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eilly has 3 sides good evil and natural sometimes she cant control them when shes evil shes with a bad person to work with skull the hegehog in natural form shes only emo she dosent speak to no one she just wants to be alone in her own world when shes good shes just happy and with Những người bạn like other Những người bạn but she has a Queen form of when she controls beaches and sea when all the forms come together they make................QUEEN EILLY! but its a sercret and no one noes..................... at the side u will see Queen eilly the only ppl who no her sercret is her friends............. so that is why her forms are kept sercretly
posted by marksmen456
Vs Sonic - Your speed won't save bạn from me.
Vs Tails - Flying is cowardly,come down here and FIGHT ME!
Vs Knuckles - Am I suppose too be scared of you?
Vs Amy - That not scary,at all.
Vs Shadow - bạn call yourself the ultimate lifeform? -chuckles- we'll see about that....
Vs Silver - Try and stop me with that power of yours,see what happens.
Vs Blaze - -Throws a sữa bottle at her head- here,drink this before bạn DIE.
Vs Mephiles - Somehow,you remind me of myself.
Vs Nazo - Your from the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds too?!
Vs Eggman - bạn have GOT too be kidding me!
Vs Metal Sonic...
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posted by Silvaze_4_life
After the night of resting Danny wakes up the tiếp theo morning felling fresh and ready to take on another hot western ngày and as he puts on his cowboy clothes and súng he gets called bởi Serenity near the door of his room.

So did bạn fell like bạn recovered your wounds Danny. yes Madam Sky and thanks for taking care of me on my time of need. Thats no problem Danny as long as your survived thats all the glory i need.

Danny and Sky walk out of the room and walks to the general store where there is a wagon that can fit three people in the fount and where they can carry items to transport them across...
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posted by popthefox
perviosly again on time in life stays chapter 4......the others meet a new friend.........too mins later when elle danny, and eilly where walking to a fielid that looks like a trap xin chào whats this đã đưa ý kiến danny. i dont no.said elle nevermind lets go eilly đã đưa ý kiến when eilly walked she droped in a núi lửa place.ahh!! screamed eilly.a unknowen person saved eilly.uh thanks who are u? i'm enne the bounty hunter đã đưa ý kiến enne wow we never met before i got other Những người bạn that might want to meet u đã đưa ý kiến eilly ok đã đưa ý kiến enne xin chào guys! come down from here! screamed eilly ok đã đưa ý kiến danny and elle got down on the volcano...
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posted by popthefox
pervoisly on time in life stays...........elle comes in hi guys explained elle hi elle đã đưa ý kiến eilly and danny whats going on đã đưa ý kiến elle we found a blue and golden ngọc lục bảo it looks werird though. explained danny.well this ngọc lục bảo is suppose to be a secret one đã đưa ý kiến elle. a sercret one? đã đưa ý kiến danny and eilly yes 5 years cách đây this ngọc lục bảo was locked in a cage that well be saved for good and no evil.explained elle cool then what happen to it questiend eilly well as u can see this ngọc lục bảo is broken so its no use no thêm explained elle. o my đã đưa ý kiến danny and eilly so how can we put it together again? questined eilly.cant its so vanable to put together we need to find the other piece to it. explained elle. ok! đã đưa ý kiến danny and eilly. but what if we get lost? đã đưa ý kiến eilly.its ok we have a compass to help us.explained danny ok everyone lets find that other piece! eilly puts the first piece in her dress pocket and elle and danny and eilly head off to find the 2 other pieces
posted by popthefox
perviosly on time of life stays...............eilly and danny where exploreing the fielids...... i wonder where could find a new thing in this forest explained eilly. maybe we will.answered danny danny stops and seens a blue and golden ngọc lục bảo what is this explained danny. its a blue and golden emerald? questioned eilly. i never seen this thing before answered either i thought there where only all 7 chaos emeralds not 8 ones questioned eilly.danny and eilly where surprasied of what they seened but what was in that blue and golden emerald? find out on the 3 story chapter
posted by popthefox
one ngày in mobius.................danny and eilly where walking in a farm too sky......................hey sky eilly answered.hi eilly hi danny đã đưa ý kiến sky i dident know u where here today đã đưa ý kiến danny yes i am đã đưa ý kiến sky welll i was gonna hiển thị eilly about hiển thị her the eggs the chickens had :) đã đưa ý kiến danny ok đã đưa ý kiến sky they went to the place where the chickens where laten....................................... ugh how are we gonna take down that danny and his Những người bạn đã đưa ý kiến pan i do not know pan i do not know đã đưa ý kiến darkstalker well what if we put in a núi lửa yes! great idea! đã đưa ý kiến pan and darkstalker lets do it! đã đưa ý kiến pan
It is recommended that bạn read the other các bài viết i made before đọc this so it will make sense.

"Get them!!!" The cáo, fox said.
The hedgehogs caught Cosmo and Cream easily.
"Why didn't bạn use your plant powers?!"Cream whined.
"There are no plants around here."Cosmo said.
"Hahaha 4 officials captured!" The cáo, fox đã đưa ý kiến triumphantly.
"Tell us where the Sol emeralds are hoặc the Chaos emeralds are. hoặc bạn will be our prisoners for eternity." A yellow hedgehog said.
"It's that simple. Tell us hoặc be prisoners." Another màu hồng, hồng female hedgehog said.
"Will bạn let us go after that?" Tails asked.
"Of course!" Said...
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posted by Silvaze_4_life
Danny wakes up on a giường all drowsy and looks around to see what happen.

uhh what happen as danny looks confused with the mix of drowsy. i found bạn on the floor nearly dying đã đưa ý kiến Serenity walking in. Wait its you. Yep from the train Danny...i wasent going to leave bạn on the ground dying now was i. Well thank bạn Sky.

Danny gets up from the giường and starts to put on his gear again. So Danny why did bạn come down to american for. Well i heard that my old friend Darkstalker was running over your land and i had to stop it. O your like a bounty hunter Danny. Nah but i was in a clan called...
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posted by popthefox
i'm starting a sonic apotion for người hâm mộ characters some are drawned and recolored tomorrow sunday is the ngày that it will be released but there are rules for the characters: when u make a video hiển thị them in your vide 2. always make sure that the characters are always in a an toàn, két an toàn place and no one can find 3. u can draw them in rl and on computar 4. never give them to anyone and thats all so if and u can use them in a serires so when i make this always remember the 4 rules always remember our else it is gone yes i đã đưa ý kiến it GONE so listen to the rules and also one thêm thing enjoy them ^^
Knuckles dashed to the floating island. He thought he was going too slow, so he started gliding. bởi the time he had reached the floating island, a weird looking hedgehog was standing on hàng đầu, đầu trang of the Master Emerald.
"Hey! Who are you?"Knuckles yelled.
The hedgehog just giggled.
"Seriously..."Knuckles wondered.
"Ehe...I'M A jewel collector! I need thisss for my collection." It said.
"No! Take the chaos emeralds instead!"Knuckles convinced.
"Ohhh thank bạn for the idea. I will spare your jewel." It giggled. Then it ran off.
"What have I done? Now it's going for the chaos emeralds. Ah well. I need this...
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"Time is a Tresure, yet so few, understand its true value"

A female nurse stood tiếp theo to a dark figure in a white áo, áo khoác who is sitting in a chair at some type of a control center typing away.

"CEO," the nurse spoke "It is only a matter of days before it happens...don't bạn think..."

"I would rather be a little late, then send him out into the world with the wrong amount of training epxirience, Cathrine." the dark figure replied

"But what if it is too late and time stops forever?" Cathrine đã đưa ý kiến coldly to the dark figure. She was obviously very anxious to get this task over with, the dark figure...
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Before I start typing and bạn start reading,
I would wanna give credit to Catgirl140 for
letting me use her người hâm mộ character. OK, you
can start đọc now.

"Why can't I help defeat the recolors and người hâm mộ characters? Just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean i shouldn't help!"Amy moaned.
"I hope Tails is alright. I DID send him out on his own to find the other officials."

Meanwhile, at Cream's place.
"So, bạn want me and Cheese to help defeat over a zillion người hâm mộ characters?" Cream asked
"Well...I don't think there are a zillion. But, no matter how many there are, we still need lots of officials!" Tails replied....
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The first part of this is here! This one is funny
I felt like making it funny for some reason. Anyway, I hope bạn enjoy it!
Also, I still need thêm recolors. It would feel wrong if I used all my ones.
Also, not recommened for children under 6 hoặc 7.

"Ok, ok, i guess bạn are pretty smart." Amy confessed.
"Yes, I am ^_^" Tails replied
For a 10 năm oldAmy thought.
Sonic had smashed the door open.
"But I'm a girl!" Amy yelled
"Ok, guys and girls I FOUND OUT THAT-"
"The theory of 2012 is real?"Tails asked.
"NO!! I FOUND OUT THAT người hâm mộ CHARACTERS ARE REAL!" Sonic shouted.
Both Amy and Tails gasped....
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Sonic dashed through the blistering cold and through the scorching desert.
"Is the rumor true? I better find out!" He đã đưa ý kiến to himself. He found a weird forest.
Suddenly he saw a yellow hedgehog fly by.
That's not a recolour. It's just a Super Sonic...
Then, the forest track stopped and a drunk hedgehog stopped him.
The drunk one said," Yoouuu can go through...if youuu wanttt- HEY! YOU'RE AN OFFICIAL CHARACTER! WHAT ARE U DOING HERE?!!!
Sonic was down in the dumps. Even though the drunk one might still be an official character, he was still certain that the rumor of người hâm mộ characters and recolours...
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