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posted by lightingjolt11
bởi now sonic chat to both his mom dad
while shadow was getting to know his mom
as will as his dad who lay tiếp theo to his mate
black doom dark the NAGA-HOG
alpha ultimate life form god
age 121/in HIGHT 7.0/hermaphrodite
black ngọc lục bảo red quills like sorrow
ngọc lục bảo red round his ngọc lục bảo red eyes
ice white chest lông, lông thú like silver
marks on his arms for head ears end tail
and long NAGA tail
silver ngọc lục bảo red inhibitor rings marks on them
black doom looks like shadow
ah what nice afternoon đã đưa ý kiến raven
yes its sonic lay on his and shadow nest giường
with his tail rap round 6 eggs he just add
it add been 6 weeks mean while
tails was wonder were his big brother was
oh sonic were have bạn gone cry tails
wen out of a flash tails was sent to the
cave both sonic shadow are in
end of story 5
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