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This Sonadow tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ might contain anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

 Sonadow winter olimpics
sonadow winter olimpics
we all tình yêu Sonadow i decided to make Sonadow t-shirts im gonna give one to evrey fangirl for the boys ill probally make too i can just send bạn a desing also merchandice can hiển thị your a fand so if bạn need merchadice write on my tường hoặc this one.merchandice will say im a người hâm mộ and im proud of it.the best part is it is 50 cents now i also do other các câu lạc bộ if bạn want like amy rose GIR sonamy lucky ngôi sao sonic simpsons and bình luận me on here hoặc my wall.if bạn think this is stupid dont post this is forn Sonadow những người hâm mộ only.
 Sonadow (:
sonadow (:
Me:Okay, i got another thing to write!
Rouge:Took long enough! I thought i'd never read your story!
Me:Geez Rouge, calm down o.o''
SHadow: Oooo, i like it now...
Sonic: Me too *smiles*
Me:SHHHHH!!!! D< người đi đòi nợ, dun give it away!
Shadow: Whatever...

(Tails' Workshop, 2:00 p.m.)

Shadow gazed at his lover, tears etching at his eyes, begging to come out and explain his worries. Shadow looked down, and his ears picked. "Sonic,"He said, still not looking up," Are bạn okay?" He said, lifting his head slowly to Tails, scowling and slightly baring his teeth. SOnic saw the action and got off the medical bed," Shadow,...
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Sonic umm shadow your hand is reallt close to some thing
Shadow good *slowly leans foward*
Sonic *leans backward* uhh shadow
Shadow yeah sonic *leans closer*
Sonic what are bạn doing
Shadow now i dont want to ruiend the suprise *very quickly kisses sonic*
Sonic *puts both his hands on shadows chest ready to push him but this Kiss was no other Kiss this Kiss had a lot of passoin and tình yêu and careing so insted of pushing he pulls shadow on hàng đầu, đầu trang of him as they go through a deep kiss*
Shadow *moans queitly and puts on hand on sonic's head while the other is touching sonic's lap getting closer and closer...
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Me: ...Where is she...
Tails: Who?
Me: Where have bạn been???
Tails: ...None of your concern...
Me: Need to include you.
Tails: WHY?! I was having a great time with Cream!
Rouge: *slams Tokyo's head on a bàn again*
Me: *nosebleed* whore...

Somewhere...In...a sidewalk (12:03 P.M.)

Shadow had to haul Sonic along to the restaurant.
"NO! NO!"
"Gosh, bạn sound like i was pounding bạn for the first time." Shadow smiled slyly. He came around to a corner, and turned to a very bright lit street. Even in daylight, it shined, and glittered with a blinding...
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Me: Aaaammaaaazing...I'ma still write this after, what? 6 months? Haha, forgive my long, fucking time, but y'know, shit happens...*rubs hands together* Wellp, depending on which song i'm listening to, this will be a very bumpy ride....Eh...where's my-
Rouge: YOU!!!*slams Tokyo's face into a desk*
Me: O-Ow....

Knuckles and Rouge's house (10:30 A.M.)

A red echinda sat at the phòng bếp, nhà bếp table, staring into his coffee cup. He wondered why Sonic and Shadow being together bothered him so much. It really didn't matter, especially since him and Rouge always did very naughty things in their bedroom. So why...
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LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại Soandow again. I say LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại to much -_- ill try to lay off the loling. angain not mine belongs to person on Youtube
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Me: Why'd bạn freak?
Knuckles: That...Was...Scarring
Tails: I wanted to be included...
Cream: *purr* Yes
Shadow: Heh, i liked it...
Amy: Hello.
All: *freak out*
Amy: What? I'm the normal me!
Me: How do we know????
Amy: *goes evil* bạn don't....

Shadow's Mansion(4:03 P.M.)

As Sonic was licking shadow's dick, he stopped and smirked at Shadow. He slowly started to rise, seeing Shadow's blushing, but perplexed, face. SOnic immidietly pushed Shadow on the bed, and tackled him. "Ow, what are bạn doing?" Shadow exclaimed, being forced onto his stomach. He felt himself being pinned bởi his wrists...
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I made this video. This is about Shadow cheating with Amy and Tails cheating with Cream. Sonic and Cosmo think they should have lied. Shadow and Tails apoligize and after a bit of gifts and comfort, Sonic and Cosmo forgive them.
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Nasty monkeys are not apart of Sonadow XD
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The story begins when Sonic was walking to his house.
When he got there,he saw Shadow walking by. Sonic said,"Hi Shadow!"
Shadow looked at Sonic and said,"Hey Sonic"
Sonic droped his keys and he tried to pick them up,but Shadow went to him to pick them up for him.
Sonic said,"Thanks Shadow..."
Then Sonic went inside and Shadow walked away.
Shadow had a feeling that Sonic might be carring for Shadow and he thinks that Sonic loves him.
Shadow didn't think of it,but he can't stop.
Then Eggman appeared. "HO HO HO!"
Then Shadow was like (Thoughs: Oh no not him)
Eggman had one robot charge to Sonic's...
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