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This Sonadow bức ảnh might contain anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

posted by lightingjolt11
on planet MOBUIES about midnight
the master ngọc lục bảo chẻ, phân chia, split into 2
master emeralds ice blue one add wind mark on
but the size of a chaos ngọc lục bảo
but add the powers of all 7 chaos emeralds
and the master ngọc lục bảo powers
all mix together its name the god ngọc lục bảo
a hoodie fighter take the new ngọc lục bảo
before egg man found out
it was morning 6 am sunny morning
egg man was up to no good once again
sonic add stop the old doc I get bạn get sonic
sonic sat under a cây in the shade
cutes WONDS all over his body not healing
like there wood do out of a flash of light
come the hoodie fighter age 11
who are bạn ask sonic weekly I am a god
lord l my code name sad the young fighter
I can make bạn a ultimate life form like your
new boyfriend shadow đã đưa ý kiến lord l
end of part 1
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posted by Sonicluver2282
 Sonadow =^o^=
Sonadow =^o^=
Man Im crazy about Sonadow. I draw pictures. I have a story on Deviantart. I chat with my cuz and Sonic and Shadow have three kid I made up in out little story like thing. I have like 30 pictures. Man I need help. I dont not wanna be a Sonadow fan. But I wouldnt wanna be as crazy about it. *Im not getting into Sonamy id thats what bạn think XP worst couple ever* Well if bạn have the same problem bạn can bình luận hoặc is bạn can give me some Lời khuyên then plz feel free thnx my peeps TOODLE PIP!!!!

 gots to tình yêu them
gots to love them
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Sonic was on a bench in the rain. Amy finally became Sonic's girlfriend and then she ran off with Silver. Sonic was definitely depressed. He was lonely. Very lonely. Then Shadow came to him with his umbrella in hand. Sonic looked at Shadow with pleading eyes. Sonic was in tình yêu with Shadow, and he was in tình yêu with Sonic. Shadow knelt on one knee and ask the most dangerous, most trusting words bạn could ever say: "Will bạn marry me, Sonic?" Sonic was so happy with tears in his eyes and accepted the challange. On the wedding reception, Shadow made a speech on how marriage wasn't just bonds. It was a partnership of who bạn want to love. To spend the rest of your life with. Sonic and Shadow went to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. Sonic and his newlywed husband walked into their giường to start a new experience......