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posted by Sonicluver2282
 Sonadow =^o^=
Sonadow =^o^=
Man Im crazy about Sonadow. I draw pictures. I have a story on Deviantart. I chat with my cuz and Sonic and Shadow have three kid I made up in out little story like thing. I have like 30 pictures. Man I need help. I dont not wanna be a Sonadow fan. But I wouldnt wanna be as crazy about it. *Im not getting into Sonamy id thats what bạn think XP worst couple ever* Well if bạn have the same problem bạn can bình luận hoặc is bạn can give me some Lời khuyên then plz feel free thnx my peeps TOODLE PIP!!!!

 gots to tình yêu them
gots to love them
Sonic was on a bench in the rain. Amy finally became Sonic's girlfriend and then she ran off with Silver. Sonic was definitely depressed. He was lonely. Very lonely. Then Shadow came to him with his umbrella in hand. Sonic looked at Shadow with pleading eyes. Sonic was in tình yêu with Shadow, and he was in tình yêu with Sonic. Shadow knelt on one knee and ask the most dangerous, most trusting words bạn could ever say: "Will bạn marry me, Sonic?" Sonic was so happy with tears in his eyes and accepted the challange. On the wedding reception, Shadow made a speech on how marriage wasn't just bonds. It was a partnership of who bạn want to love. To spend the rest of your life with. Sonic and Shadow went to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. Sonic and his newlywed husband walked into their giường to start a new experience......
posted by sonadow06
I can't sleep!... Maybe I'll wake Shads up. I patted him on the head. His sleeping face is so cute!

Huh. He's not reacting. Maybe I'll...

Here we go.


Normal POV

"AAAGHH!" Shadow shouted, surprised bởi the sudden kiss.
"Heheh, did that surprise you?"
"Of course it d-did!" Shadow replied, clutching his crotch area under the sheets. He was hard bởi just the kiss...
"Oh...Excited, are you?" Sonic đã đưa ý kiến seductively, grabbing his arm and pinning it up against the wall. "You've earned it."
Sonic let go of his arm and bent down towards Shadow's sheath. He licked it once, and Shadow moaned...
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It's been awhile now since sonic finally went out with Amy. But since he's mobians(cant spell planet name)great hero am us been abusing his power making changes to his house and empire. Amy's little Những người bạn constilly mess with sonic. Things like teasing him cause he's blue. It was petty but it was funny to them. Sonic was on his giường đọc while Amy was getting ready to go some were. " tell those stupid đít, mông, ass bitchs to stop throwing those rocks hoặc I'll have to get out my desert eagle( fine gun chose 1+ for sonic) on them Amy " đã đưa ý kiến sonic frustrated. " boy bạn aint going to shot nobody."said...
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posted by gigitygoo
Sonic umm shadow your hand is reallt close to some thing
Shadow good *slowly leans foward*
Sonic *leans backward* uhh shadow
Shadow yeah sonic *leans closer*
Sonic what are bạn doing
Shadow now i dont want to ruiend the suprise *very quickly kisses sonic*
Sonic *puts both his hands on shadows chest ready to push him but this Kiss was no other Kiss this Kiss had a lot of passoin and tình yêu and careing so insted of pushing he pulls shadow on hàng đầu, đầu trang of him as they go through a deep kiss*
Shadow *moans queitly and puts on hand on sonic's head while the other is touching sonic's lap getting closer and closer...
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posted by lightingjolt1
today like any other ngày fighting egg man
but ngày my 15th thought sonic
I was sent this ice blue ngọc lục bảo wind marks on
in a pod box with USB cable connected to it
with a ngọc lục bảo blue ice blue window 20000
laptop build in webcam mm thought sonic
there was a ice blue journal project sonic on
the cover sonic was shock opining the journal
dear sonic my name is professor GRYO
you may not BELIVE what I after till bạn young one
but its all true every word of it true
I crated both your mom dad both of them are male
hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
you was born in the năm 2021 not the timeline
you are...
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posted by lightingjolt11
22 lincy đám mây the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 10 /in HIGHT 6.0/ ageless/immortality
light brawn dark brawn quills like shadow
dark brawn round her ngọc lục bảo blue eyes
sonic chest tummy
dark brawn hands feet ers end tail
marks on her arms legs
gold ngọc lục bảo green inhibitor rings silver marks on them
emerald green vàng hover shoes silver marks on them
shoes like both singe zero and neo mix together
lincy she looks like both sonic shadow mix together
mom shadow
23 zeo đám mây the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 10/in HIGHT 5.0/hermaphrodite
dark blue ice white...
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posted by scougesgirl
 Sonic in his maid outfit.
Sonic in his maid outfit.
Sonic's P.O.V
I hate bạn Silver. No, I hate Amy for hitting me with that stupid hammer. Why Silver, why? I don't want to be shadow's maid for a week. He'll probably treat me like trash. Please let him not be home.
Shadow's P.O.V
"Thanks for telling me, Silvs." I đã đưa ý kiến to Silver as he left my house. Not a bad idea to bet Sonic but to tell him to be my maid for a week that's what's bad. My uncle, Mephiles, walked up. "Hello uncle. How has your ngày been?"
He throw his áo, áo khoác at me. "Truly terrible. Where's the maid?"
"You mean Ashton, right?"
"Whatever, her name is. ASHTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
A neon blue wolf...
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posted by sexyluna34
it was a mid summer day.. the sun was shining. and it was really hot outside, here we meet sonic who is over at shadows house.

shadow: man.. why does it have to be so hot?

sonic: i have no bạn have any water?

shadow: sure..ill go get some.

shadow then goes into the kitchen.

shadow: oh bởi the way theres a người hâm mộ running.. help yourself.

sonic: hmmmmm.

sonic: ahahahahahahhahhahahahaha{the người hâm mộ blows}

shadow: yep i knew it. i knew bạn would do that.

shadow: here.

sonic: thanks. {chugs down water}

sonic: ooww brain freeze.

shadow: uh.. bạn didnt have to chug it down that fast bạn know?

sonic: ow my...
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posted by lightingjolt1
sonic was chatting with shadow and his mom
while neo was having a swim in the hot spring
the cave was very big magical cave there home
sorrow till sonic he add older and younger
sisters and brothers and NAGA lay eggs
baby NAGA are born in 6 weeks
are em bé are tiny đã đưa ý kiến sorrow
we have ink a baker pod to keep are eggs worm
NAGA can have there em bé
in hoặc out of mating season đã đưa ý kiến sorrow
both sonic shadow blush a bit
shadow huh đã đưa ý kiến shadow now bạn have change
you have a mom dad both are male đã đưa ý kiến neo
coming over to them I do ask shadow yes
black doom his still your dad tho he like us
said sorrow...
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posted by sonadowlover321
sonic's POV:
sonic:*wakeing up slowly opening his eyes* *sees shadow across from him uncoscoss* shadow!*shakes him to wake him up* shadow wake up!
shadow:*wakes up* (groans) sonic...where are we?
shadow and sonic looked around the room. all there were was three stone walls and a bared entrance and exit way and they noticed bandages on each one of their arms. exsept shadow's arm was shaved.when they were done the hedghogs herd footsteps accoring.
they saw a woman and a girl, both were ponies, the older one had a blue áo, áo khoác of lông, lông thú and a cầu vồng mane and had a welcomeing face. the younger one had a trái cam, màu da cam áo, áo khoác of lông, lông thú and purple mane.but was looking at them like something horrible was about to happen to them.
shadow: who are you?!where are we?!!
sonic:shadow calm down!* grabing shadow's shoulder*
woman:sorry to have scared bạn two, i'm cầu vồng dash and this is scottaloo*points at the child*
posted by KitsuneFanGurl
Sonic's POV
It was a peaceful spring ngày in Green đồi núi, hill Zone...I was running trying to find Shadow because he texted asking me if I would meet him here....and it was quite..out of the ordinary for him to send me a text...but I felt so happy....I hope today is the ngày I can tell him how I feel.....
Shadow's POV
I saw Sonic running across Green đồi núi, hill Zone.....I guess he got my text....he must be trying to find me...he seems a bit...embarrassed for some reason.
Normal POV
Sonic: There bạn are Shad!! I was looking for bạn all day!! Shadow: Sorry, Sonic...*starts to blush* Sonic:Oh's...
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posted by sexyluna34
on where we left off..... i dont really give a fuck:


sonic: w-what have i done?

sonic looks at the pool of blood that was from shadows neck.

shadows body began to rise.

sonic: sh-shadow?

shadow: hehe. hello ..dear.... why did you leave me.

shadow walks over to sonic and puts his tongue into him and purrs.

shadow: puurrrr.

sonic: mmph!!!

shadow then licks sonic.

shadow: mmmm you taste good... how bout we have some "fun" you know: bow chicka wow wow.

sonic: but i cant get raped by a zombie!!!!!

sonic wakes up

sonic: WOAH!! what the fuck is wrong with me?


shadow: hmm? maybe i should kiddnap...
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posted by bubblegumyumz
Why do bạn hate it? People cant help being gay... Tak how would bạn like it if bạn were bi hoặc gay and people made fun of you!!! bạn wouldnt like it now would you! so can ya'll Sonadow haters and against gay, lesbian and bi people quit it for fucking sake!? I swear to god people are getting thêm and thêm races these days!!! And besides why do bạn hate it!!! its no thêm than a couple!!! So what if their gay, it doesnt matter! Who gives a shit? ( tak does ) its still a couple. I understand its boy and boy and bạn would be like EWWWWWWWWWW but some people still think its a kick đít, mông, ass couple!!! (...
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posted by lightingjolt11
sonic lay in a nest like giường in the
forest of ever green đồi núi, hill zone
sonic ran a way from trang chủ his Những người bạn
why he was changing glowing ice blue
sonic Những người bạn were made at him
will isn't it faker đã đưa ý kiến shadow just don't come
closer to me đã đưa ý kiến sonic with his ears going
dawn why ask shadow looking at sonic
who still glowing ice blue
why wood bạn went to I am a FREEK
sniff sonic shadow was shock what sonic
add just đã đưa ý kiến that why I come here to be lone
for good đã đưa ý kiến sonic what happen ask
shadow sigh I am a faker like bạn all ways say
I just found out this morning
I was crated a project like bạn shadow
I was crated in the năm 2021 I was sent to
this timeline bởi accident đã đưa ý kiến sonic
your not a FREEK sonic đã đưa ý kiến shadow as he
blush why shadow blushing thought sonic
no he can be can he
mm shadow do bạn like me
shadow turn a way blushing nod his head
sonic hug shadow blushing to
end of story 1
posted by lightingjolt11
19 NEO jr đám mây the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 9/in HIGHT 5.0/ageless/immortality
light gray ice blue quills like shadic
ice blue round his ngọc lục bảo green eyes
ice blue chest lông, lông thú like silver
ice blue marks on his arms legs for head
dark blue ice white inhibitor rings vàng marks on them
ice white dark blue hover shoes vàng marks on them
shoes like both neo and silver mix together
neo jr he looks like both sonic shadow mix together
mom sonic
20 josh đám mây the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 9/in HIGHT 5.0/ hermaphrodite
black ice white quills lighting
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Me: Again, anything bạn wanna say?
Rouge: Could bạn make a sexy story for all of us?
SHadow: I want thêm action...
Sonic: bạn know bạn want me shads*tease*
Shadow: *blush* NO i don't!
Tails: SONIC! How could you?!
Me: Moving on...

(Next day, 10:23 am)

Shadow and the red echidna met up in the park, the lush green thriving from the glittering lake nearby the entrance. The few birds who resident there chirping and tweeting, robins, bluejays, and gwees. Sonic had to meet up with Tails in central square, qhich was only a few miles drom where our two boys are meeting.
Knuckles faced the ebony...
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posted by lightingjolt11
sonic sat on his giường with a ice blue tube in his arm
full of ice blue chaos water blood DNA 2 quills
1 ngọc lục bảo blue ice blue quill
2 ice white ice blue quill
sonic add a mask on his face tubes in his body
the pod sonic was in was fill with ice blue chaos water
sonic add bin missing for 2 moths on is trang chủ world
sonic Những người bạn all được trao up looking for sonic
egg man add bin put in deep sleep bởi gun
the 6 chaos emeralds was with sonic when he gone
missing shadow add his red chaos ngọc lục bảo
he found sonic in a FUTURISTIC world in a pod
in a iron man TONY lab
shadow was shock he seen sonic after all this...
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posted by sonadowlover321
sonic:y' shadow asked, where are we anyway?
rainbowdash, completly ignoring the câu hỏi asked scottaloo,
rainbowdash:they did wake up early, how much time do they have?
scottaloo:um...about 20 minutes.
rainbowdash:ugh, thats gonna take forever.
scottaloo:geez.demanding much.
rainbowdash:if bạn must know.....we are in a factory filled with rainbows and a happy place with sunshine.
sonic and shadow:0-0......wat?
scottaloo:lets just leave them.
sonic:wait!we still have questions!
rainbowdash and scottaloo ignored the hedghog and kept walking...
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posted by scourgelover25
sonic: so if i say his name 3 times, he'll come out of the mirror and give me a present? yay.

sonic: shadow, shadow,shadow. ..... woaah!

shadows đít, mông, ass appears in the mirror.

sonic:: its him. wait its his ass, whos afraid of that? hehe.

shadow: oh bạn should be very afraid, VERY AFRAID,
um once i get my rump out of this mirror, ngh DAMMIT!

shadow finally comes out of the mirror, and jumps on sonic and licks him all over then fucks him to shit!

sonic: nngh, no-st-stop it shad.

shadow: oh bạn know bạn tình yêu it, bạn always tình yêu it.

shadow fucks sonic to shit some thêm then locks him in a dungeon. where sonic is imprisoned as a sex slave.


link to story origin:link