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posted by Skylar-J
Hey! :) I'm Skylar. People normally either call me Sky hoặc Skylar. I ummm ... Don't really know where to start. Well when I was 8 I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Now I don't want bạn to say I'm so sorry hoặc pity me. Having dyslexia does make things challenging but it doesn't mean I'm not just like you. My yêu thích màu sắc are blue green and pink. I can be a girly girl but when it comes to bóng rổ and cheerleading I get reeaally competitive. I do gymnastics, ballet, cheerleading, and I used to play basketball. I am an A honor student. I get B's sometimes but I try to keep my grades up so I can...
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tình yêu is something that just happens. bạn don't know when bạn fall. You're not forced bạn just fall.
tình yêu
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