Thị trấn Smallville Best Thị trấn Thị trấn Smallville Couple??? *Reality hoặc Fantasy*

Pick one:
Chlark (Clark & Chloe)
Clana (Lana & Clark)
Clois (Lois & Clark)
Loliver (Lois & amp; Oliver)
Loliver (Lois & Oliver)
Chimmy (Chloe & Jimmy)
Kimmy (Kara & amp; Jimmy)
Kimmy (Kara & Jimmy)
Grois/ Lulian (Grant Gabriel/ Julian Luthor & amp; Lois)
Grois/Lulian (Grant Gabriel/Julian Luthor & Lois)
Lexana (Lex & Lana)
Chlex (Chloe & amp; Lex)
Chlex (Chloe & Lex)
Clex (Clark & Lex)
chollie (Chloe et Oliver)
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Martha & amp; Jonathan Kent
Martha & Jonathan Kent
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