Trivia from the PAW Patrol relationship Wikia

Authored by Mollymolata
  • It is the most popular ship in Paw Patrol.
  • Chase clearly has a crush on Skye. This can be seen in numerous episodes where Chase really worries about her when she is in danger and does whatever he can to help her.
  • Chase is always very worried about Skye when something happens to her and always very determined to save her. (as seen in "Pups Save Skye")
  • Skye also has a crush on Chase as she keeps glancing or staring at him and smiling at him a lot of times.
  • They can be seen being together all the time (walking together, being next to each other, playing together and sometimes separated from the whole group).
  • Chase and Skye were mostly chosen for majority of the missions together.
  • Both Chase and Skye would often briefly stare or smile at each other subtly.
  • In the episode "Pups Save a Wedding", Skye caught Emma's wedding bouquet. Traditionally, a woman who has caught a wedding bouquet will soon be married. Apparently, she could soon marry Chase. Chase also looks so happy staring at Skye after she caught the bouquet.