What do bạn think of season 5 finale?

I think it would have been a perfect episode if there wasn't for the whole Matty/Liv/Franky thing. Franky really dissapointed me in this episode, she didn't listen to Mini first, well that wasn't so bad, but then she goes screaming becuse of Matty and falls down the cliff becuase of him and she still asks him how is he doing. It doesn't make sense and I honestly think Matty should decide already. This whole tình yêu tam giác for me ruined season 5.
Nick and Alo were amazing in this episode and Rich and Grace cute as ever. So all scenes without Matty, Liv and Franky were awesome and Mini's caring for Franky is <33. I hope tiếp theo season will give us better storylines and thêm Minky.
So what do bạn think? Do bạn agree hoặc disagree with me?
 nadjaaa posted hơn một năm qua
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Kackahaluzova said:
Kick ass.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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