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posted by no0ona

1. Nicknamed "tofu". "Pure tofu", "ondubu", they all refer to him. Uses the introduction "I am only~you~ Onew" taught to him bởi Leeteuk and at times, switches to "Hello, my name is Michael Jackson(sincerely)!"

2. Feels shy about presenting himself to people, and because of it, he did not dare to participate in auditions. When he was a trainee, everyone else seems to be improving everyday, while he seems to be staying stagnant and not improving, that to him is the saddest period of his life up till now.

3. When performing on stage for the first time, he could not see anything...
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posted by SunShinesAmy
credit : Taemin JJ

2. [Last Fantasy]
4. [Fantasister]
5. [Please*3]
9. [My Fairy]
12. [kindergarten]
18. [A Little Taem]
19. []
21. [fs 2Min]
23. [CHERISH]...
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 noona neomu chuaghan
noona neomu chuaghan
Jonghyun’s “Juliette” is actually labelmate Jang Ri In?

A noona - dongsaeng couple has been revealed. Last year, SM Entertainment had originally admitted that idol group SHINee’s Jonghyun (22) was in a relationship with actress Shin Sekyung (22).

However due to several of Sekyung’s actions, những người hâm mộ found the relationship to be somewhat suspicious. Not only did Shin Sekyung close down her Cyworld, she continues to dodge press and reject any proposed interviews. What irked những người hâm mộ even thêm was the fact that the actress did not even attend SHINee’s 1st concert. SHINee held concerts in both...
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posted by Gretulee
1. Born on December 9, 1991.

2. Blood diversified B.

3. Got a brother Guy.

4. Position as a rapper in SHINee.

5. Incheon is home.

6. Found at the time of audition “2006 S.M. Casting System “

7. Prior to joining SHINee, he never finished product model clothing ‘Seoul Collection F / W 08-09 “from Ha Sang Baek in March 2008.

8. Position as Rappernya SHINee.

9. Got a yêu thích of Korean type faces.

10. Belo-eyed.

11. Tiny-faced.

12. The Most High in SHINee.

13. Athletic bodied.

14. Appeared in the MV Gee - Girls Generation, Korean and Japanese versions.

15. His father was a football coach in Iran.

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A new couple has emerged onto the industry with actress Shin Se Kyung (21) and SHINee’s member Jonghyun (21), revealing that they are currently dating.

After finding that they both had an interest in one another, they began their relationship about a tháng cách đây and has confirmed it through Sports Seoul. The two were revealed to have gotten together as often as they could despite their busy schedules, having đường phố, street dates mainly around Shin’s apartment.

A scene of the two dating was discovered on October 20th after Shin Se Kyung came trang chủ from the conference for her movie, “Acoustic.” Jonghyun...
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【NEWS】 OSEN "Taemin sent a support sms to APink's Naeun before her comeback stage" On the 5th, Naeun was interviewed at âm nhạc Bank's backstage and expressed "I totally did not expect that (Taemin) will send an sms to me personally, watching over the entire comeback stage, thank you".

With regards to the current We Got Married 4 program they are filming for, Naeun "My personality is reserved, (I am) not good at expressing my feelings; I am slightly troubled (by that) but will continue to work hard. Although (we) are not able to hiển thị any intimate interactions, but we will be able to do it one day~". Other APINK members đã bình luận "We are envious that Naeun is able to experience something that (we) are not able to do so usually. Memorable events include Myeongdong ngày and những người đang yêu Bungee Jumping. We would like to appear on WGM as well.""

[WGM SunPD interview - Taeun related] In the perspective of the broadcasting company and crew, the strength of WGM is very evident. Especially the WGM foreign fandom, after 5 years passed from the first broadcast, still constantly give explosive and timely reactions. Sun Hye Yoon PD đã đưa ý kiến "When the live stream ends, the Youtube các lượt xem always starts with tens of thousands. Not too long cách đây Naeun went for overseas promotions and there were some những người hâm mộ in front of the stage wearing Taemin's mask. I was also shocked when i saw 'Hoo manager' placard in the airport. Even though we dont publicise much, it has improved the broadcasting image and this program is attracting alot of attention internally (of the broadcast station) too."


cr: @zozofoox3
SHINee's Taemin and Girl's Day's Minah will awaken fans' feels again with their 'Heirs' parody on the '2013 SBS Gayo Daejun' as demonstrated bởi a few NG cuts released ahead of the event!

SBS shared the adorable set of photos, and wrote, "'SBS Gayo Daejun' âm nhạc drama sneak peek NG cut!! SHINee's Taemin and Girl's Day's Minah! The two of them.. Are they doing a back hug?? Kkyaak~~~ December 29! Coming soon~!"

It seems the two were unable to contain their laughter as they reenacted the unforgettable back hug scene between Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang. But Taemin should be careful to not look like he's having too much fun as his on-screen wife Na Eun will be watching!

The '2013 SBS Gayo Daejun' will air on the 29th!

Read more: link
Many SHINee những người hâm mộ already know that member Taemin lent his voice to the soundtrack of KBS drama “Prime Minister and I.”

On January 24, the âm nhạc video for his track “Step” was released hiển thị various scenes in the drama featuring Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Lee Bum Soo. những người hâm mộ of the stars planning to watch the drama will not have to fear regarding spoilers as the scenes are mostly from the first few episodes.

Meanwhile, SHINee attended Seoul âm nhạc Awards and won the Bonsang (Main Prize) and Hallyu Special Award.

Check out the âm nhạc video below!


bài viết Credit: link
posted by no0ona

1. Has been đã đưa ý kiến that the first line of "Love like oxygen" sounds like Michael Jackson's style. "It does sound like it a bit.", he admits it himself, but Usher is still irreplaceable, definitely!

2. "Bling Bling Jonghyun", does it sound weird? He uses it all the time, be it during messaging hoặc talking, he uses it. Because he loves R&B and Hip-hop too much, he wishes that he can shine forever (like bling bling). If bạn find it difficult to call that, "Hey Bling" can be used, thats what the members call him.

3. Will tend to talk at a really fast speed when he gets nervous,...
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Q: What is the turning point for bạn to become a singer?

Jonghyun: I was in a band in high school. Back then, I wanted to be a composer. I was also trying other aspects when I was chosen bởi the company to be an intern, from debut till today. Because I tình yêu singing, so I also thought of becoming a singer.

Q: What is your most memorable episode since your debut?

Jonghyun: My most memorable memory is when we won the Best New Artiste.

Q: Beside music, what are your other influences?

Jonghyun: Family. My biggest influence is from my mother. My mother really believes in me, she will let me do whatever...
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SHINee member Minho transformed into a lovely girl yet again with the help of a mere wig.

On May 5, Minho along with other người nổi tiếng went on a trip with their mothers on KBS2 TV’s “Mamma Mia.” The entire group including MC Lee Young Ja, Park Mi Sun, Minho, comedian Park Kyung Lim, Kim Won Hyo, Kim Young Hee, Ahn Sun Young, Park Eun Young, 2AM member Jung Jinwoon, Infinite member Dongwoo and singer IVY (along with their mothers), made special appearances on this particular episode.

It was when Park Kyung Lim was talking about her memories as a student while wearing a wig when everyone...
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[Minho] SHINee's back, SHINee's back
SHINee's back back back back back

[Jonghyun] Jigeumbuteo all stop eoneu nugura haedo
I hyeonjangeul beoseonaseon andwae
myeongbaekhan i sageon
soge ginjanghaji ma
[Onew] Nan milsil aneseo deo jayurowo imi

[Taemin] Neoui tteollin sumgyeol hanakkaji nochiji anha
[Onew] Eunmilhage norin simjangui boseok
[Taemin] Neoui buranhan geu siseonkkaji kkwetturheosseo nan
[Key] Yonguiseonsangui neol chajanaesseo nan freeze!

[Jonghyun] Amugeotdo moreundan eolgullo neon
Nae mameul heundeureo gihoereul noryeo
[Key] Du gaeui dap [Jonghyun] (du gaeui dap)
[Key] gin, rượu gin bam bulkkoccheoreom...
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SHINee World Indonesia embodied Taemin's wish to share with others on his birthday. On this occasion, Indonesian SHAWOL celebrates Taemin's birthday with orphans childrens.

The Indonesian SHINee những người hâm mộ joined in minhoshineeina and taemints_indo celebrate Taemin's birthday with social activities. They invite children orphans at Tamansari, Bandung, to have a break fasting (moeslim's fasting month) together. Besides, they also distributing stationery for the orphans children that can be use for their school activities. This event held on July 21 and attended bởi 30 orphans.

Previously SHINee's Taemin...
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Article: 'WGM' Son Naeun surprises Taemin with bouquet + cologne for coming of age day

Source: TV báo cáo via Nate

1. [+106, -25] I think they match each other well ㅋㅋ Their personalities seem to mesh well together when bạn look at them hang out.. They're not funny as much as they are cute ㅋㅋ

2. [+90, -27] I feel so proud watching them ㅋㅋ But their screentime has gotten shorter so it's disappointing to see them cut so soon. Looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to Key tiếp theo week when SHINee guests ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+90, -29] Son Naeun looks innocent and pretty when she smiles


Article: 'WGM' Son Naeun really prepares...
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hi SHINee fans.i have a bad storys!!!!Shine's manager hits a người hâm mộ girl!of Shinee.Okay i tell bạn the story:a girl want to say hello to Shinee.The manager saw that she want to get near to SHINee and then he hid the người hâm mộ girl!omg!Shinee dont help they looking.i think she is in the hospital.
Jonghyun ignored her.He looks down.Jonghyun want to see that.Taemin was suprised.Its so bad.i hate the manager.sorry but i think that the video bạn have to log in hoặc bạn are there but bạn have to sign in then but bạn must be 18 years old hoặc older.But im klever and then i give that im 20 năm old xD.Then bạn can look.this is the link:link
So earlier we reported that SHINee's Minho went on a ngày with Kara's Goo Hara, but who did he pick before her?

Based on a popularity phiếu bầu that G7 requested, Minho had chosen SNSD's Yuri as his ideal girl.

At first, he had chosen BEG's Narsha over Goo Hara, but at the last round, he had chosen Yuri over Narsha.

In the final round, Yuri had performed SNSD's hit song, 'Gee,' while Narsha performed a hip-hop version of 'Fly Superboard.' Following the performances, Yuri also shared a couple dance with Minho, which Narsha ended up disturbing.

At one point, the two girls fought over Minho so bad, he commented, "I wish I can start all over again."

Our được ưa chuộng Minho not only hurt the girls' hearts but he even had Kim Tae Woo stating, "I'm going to leave this place." I smell a little jealousy here, because we all know that Yuri is Kim Tae Woo's girl. Riiiight?
 Choi Min Ho of SHINee and Yuri of SNSD
Choi Min Ho of Shinee and Yuri of SNSD
SHINee's Taemin celebrated his 20th birthday on July 18th.

Taemin took to SHINee's official page to thank his những người hâm mộ for all their tình yêu and support as well as sharing a handsome picture of himself.

On the post titled "Thank bạn ^^," Taemin wrote, "Hello~^^ It's Taemin who celebrated his birthday today. Our những người hâm mộ who celebrate my birthday before anyone else every year.. Thank you. I'm not able to take care of bạn guys, but I feel like I'm always receiving from you... And I'm always thankful for the gifts that bạn prepare full of tình yêu and care. I believe my những người hâm mộ know my heart.. ^___^ But..... now...
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SHINee will be coming to M Countdown as its special MCs.

On the February 28 broadcast of Mnet′s M Countdown, SHINee′s Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin will take turns in groups of two hoặc three to host the show.

This day, Teen Top, Hyung Don and Dae Joon and VerbalJint will be making comebacks, while Huh Gak, SISTAR19, Rainbow, BandToXic, Two X, Speed, Nine Muses, NU′EST and Dasoni will perform. Kim Tae Woo will sing for Mnet′s Legend 100 - Artist special.

SHINee made its own return last week, with the promotional single Dream Girl from its third studio album Chapter 1. Dream Girl-The Misconceptions of You.

The album has sold enough to land itself on the hàng đầu, đầu trang of Hanteo and other weekly album charts.

bức ảnh credit: enews DB

Reach reporter Park HyunMin on Twitter @happygato!
 SHINee Dream Girl
Shinee Dream Girl
Article: SHINee Jonghyun "I'm a big người hâm mộ of Girl's Day's Yura" surprise confession

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+421, -19] Shin Se Kyung... and Yura... I think I know what Jonghyun looks for in girls now

2. [+393, -28] Jonghyun... you... like big breasts, huh..

3. [+231, -21] Just stay a fan

4. [+33, -12] This Jonghyun ba$tard is only into girls with big boobs

5. [+26, -4] Shin Se Kyung and Yura are all glamorous

6. [+22, -7] The journalist totally twisted Jonghyun's words and made him write three tweets in a row to clarify the issue tsk tsk... Now both Jonghyun and Yura are getting hate.

7. [+21, -9]...
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