Master of deduction. Crime-solving aficionado. Elusive sleuth. Although Sherlock Holmes is often associated with these grand titles we like to think that on days off he’s just a normal guy. Print and screen representations of Sherlock Holmes don’t tend to depict him sorting out his trang chủ insurance (or should we say Holmes insurance?), but it is an important piece of kit whether you’re an esteemed detective, his assistant hoặc evil nemesis.

được trao his trước đó experience of domestic chaos, contents insurance is important for Holmes’s peace of mind, considering the number of criminals and rivals roaming around London. His furnishings, possessions and all-important case notes will be covered against fire, flood damage and natural disasters if he takes out the policy he’s been quoted for below. Luckily for Sherlock, theft and malicious damage are covered too. He only rents his flat so buildings cover is on the landlord’s to-do list, giving Holmes thêm time for solving London’s crimes.

Adrian Flux, a specialist insurance broker, has estimated trang chủ insurance trích dẫn for ten fictional homes, taking into account their unique features and individual policy needs. We’ve quoted for convicted criminals, high value contents, eco homes and unsafe constructions amongst others. Although the prices may be estimates, and the homes may be fictional, the policies are all real. See the full infographic link