Paul Dock is in the New York airport from thêm than an hour. They've Mất tích his bag. He sigh, because he hate airplans and big cities and now he has to chịu, gấu both. He was born in a little part of New Jersey that he wouldn't leave. But he couldn't refuse his niece invitation to her wedding day. he came there with a week of advance because his nice told him that New York is a city bạn have to visit once in your life. When someone of the staff brings him the bag, he looks at him in a such bad way. He get out of the airport with just a warm bath in his mind. When he finally get the hotel, cold got his bones. -Finally- he sigh. He get in and a young girl with a smile ear-to-ear says -Good evening and welcome to our hotel,Sir-
-Thank you- says detective Dock
He take his bag ang get in the lift. On the radio they're playing a âm nhạc that Dock doesn't find cool. He thinks about Queen, yeah they're were a really good group that played a good music, not like those thing that guys call "music". Finally the lift get his floor. He missed twice the number of the apartment because he has his glasses in his bag. When he finally finds the right number, he get in. The first room isn't so bad: there is a big window with a good sight on New York and a big bed, a sofa and the tv. The bathroom isn't really big but he like it. After a good, warm and restorative vòi hoa sen and some rest, he goes in the bữa tối, bữa ăn tối room at the first floor. He is eating a hot súp when a young girl comes near him and asks shyly: -are bạn detective Dock?-
-Yes i'm detective Paul Dock- says him with surprise.
-oh my Gosh, it's a pleasure!! I'm your biggest fan!! i read everything about you,Sir, in a journal which speaks about some murder cases.-
-My pleasure, please sit down with me- says him.
After 2 hoặc maybe 3 hours he returns in his room. They talked about the perfect murdered and the criminal mind. He enjoyed his first night at the hotel. He goes quickly to giường and sleeps pretty good. The tiếp theo morning he has breakfast at nine o'clock. He looks at the hotel's depliant and he finds a nice play in the hotel's theater. After a good lunch and some rest, he decides to go out and come back to have bữa tối, bữa ăn tối and enjoy the play. He comes back a bit in late because he was Mất tích in the streets. -This crazy towns!- he says. He eat something quickly and get in the theater. He sits down just while the curtains are rising. He recognizes Elvira Gorrige (the girl that talked with him about criminal minds the ngày before) as one of the actors. The play is a murder story, and the murder would happen during a costume party. When the murder-time comes, the whole public is so excited on his chairs. A shoot is eard and the curtains comes down. Everyone stands up and claps his hands. The public's excitament is interrupted from a scream. A worried voice from the microphone asks everyone to stay calm and go out of the theater with order. Dock's hoping it's not what he's thinking about. After twenty minutes, the police come and Dock rocognizes an old friend as the police inspector.
-Fred Spencer?-
- Paul Dock?- asks a men with mustaches and some wrinkles.
-It's a pleasure! Are bạn here in NY from a lot of time?-
-From five years i'm the police inspector, and do bạn still living in the old New Jersey?
-Yes i do- laughs Dock
-I wonder what moved bạn in a big city like NY!- smiles Fred remembering the hate that his friend proves for the big cities
-My niece wedding- tells him Dock -anyway what happened here?
-someone was murdered- tells Spencer-I'm going there for the first time to have a look, i told my mens to lock the doors, so if the murderer is still here, he has to remain. Anyway, i know your fame of detective, would bạn like to come to have a look with me?
-I'd tình yêu to- says Dock.
They go on the stage, that is still detached from the public with the curtains. On the floor there's a young men without life and some blood on the chest. A young girl, Elvira Gorrige is sitting on a chair, crying.
-The poor, young men on the floor is Shawn Davy one of the actors- tells inspector Spencer to his friend -the shoot comes from that gun over there. It looks like the girl on the chair...-
-Elvira Gorrige- tells Dock
-yes, Elvira Gorrige, had to shoot him with that gun, but it had to be fake. She's now the first suspect, but we're investigating.- continues Spencer.
-...mhm- mumbles Dock suspiciously.