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Shaun the con cừu, cừu is a 2015 animated film. It has gotten wonderful reviews and is loved bởi both adults and kids.


Shaun is sick of following the farmer's busy schedule so he tries to make the farmer take a ngày off, but the farmer crash lands to a city. Shaun, Bitzer, and the other con cừu, cừu try to find the farmer, but a villainous human named Trumper is after them. Also the farmer Mất tích his memory and got a new job.

This film is both really cute and entertaining. The plot is very sweet as Shaun and the farmer learn the importance of family. There are plenty of sweet and cute scenes. Also there is...
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posted by bighardshaun
my tình yêu of Shaun the con cừu, cừu has always been so sincere but in the new generation kids are watching things like power rangers. so I think to revive Shaun the con cừu, cừu we need to take out power ranges and go to war. we need to kill all the power ranger những người hâm mộ so they make no money and hủy bỏ the show. if we don't start the war soon we will be exterminated Shaun the con cừu, cừu is better than power rangers. if your kids watch power rangers put them up for adoption. they aren't worth it kill them if the adoption agency refuses to take them because they are power rangers fans