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This Nhím Shadow bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

Shadow's Point of View:
Even though I had been trapped again in this awful pod, I sensed that something was wrong. The Doctor was once again attempting to harm an innocent soul. Once i get out of here, I will make sure to stop him dead in his tracks... no matter what.

Rocha's point of view:
Dr. Robotnik and I had been walking for a few hours before we reached his base. It looked so small from the outside, "that's it?" i asked with a puzzled look on my face. "Oh ho ho! bạn haven't even begun to see the genious works of Dr.Robotnik." he laughed evily and held the door open, "ladies first!" I walked...
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Once there was a poor millar and his beautiful daughter Meiko. He was so desperate for money that he boasted that Meiko could spin straw into gold. However King Kaito overheard this and took Meiko to his castle. She was then taken to a room with heaps of straw, a spinning wheel and a spindle. "You are to turn all this straw into vàng bởi morning hoặc your head shall roll." Once he had left she sat down and weeped. "How am i to spin straw into vàng if i don't know how?" She thought about her sword, but then realized the guards took it earlier that ngày to prevent escaping. Then suddenly a little...
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Shadow's POV:
Silence. Pain. The throbbing that pulsated my head. The burning fever that coursed through my weakened, broken body. Struggling. I knew that I was alive, but did those who were around me know... what had happened? Did Rocha and Faron survive? Was everyone else okay? Some of them had to be okay... unless this was the sensation of death, my final moments, someone had to be alive. I strained, I wanted to open my eyes, to see. Nothing. I strained again, this time my mouth. I wanted it to open, to make a noise. Perhaps say something. Nothing. That was when I heard the softness of Rocha's...
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The tiếp theo ngày Moonlight went to see Brianna. On her way there she heard somebody fireing gun shots and shouting bad words. Moonlight went to see what was going on. And bạn know what she saw? Brianna trying to shoot a boy.
Boy: C'mon i know bạn want me cutie!! ;)
Brianna: GRRRRRAAAA!!!! *Still trying to shoot the boy* GET AWAY FROM ME bạn ASSHOLE!!! >:(
Boy: *Zooms around and scoops Brianna up and kisses her on the lips*
Brianna: *Blushing madly* GRRRR!!!! PUT ME DOWN bạn STUID HEDGEHOG!!!!! *High kicks to the front and hits...
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My first Shadow the Hedgehog video. Hope bạn like it!!
posted by kimmy_wolf
shadow and i were filaly togather after that night i was sooooooo happy.when he đã đưa ý kiến he was crazy for me i mean bạn read it right! I know im in tình yêu now lick what other thing could it be right. Ok shadow and I are at wallmart and he says "im not useally in publick often." "its fine just calme yourself." he siged and went on. we went back to his house and i sat on the đi văng and he tered it to teen mom 2 "i tough bạn hated this show?" i said, "well bạn like it dont you?" he đã đưa ý kiến back. i gigeled and watch the hiển thị it was late and he asked "comeing to giường dear" he đã đưa ý kiến with a smerk. "look who made...
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posted by SmileyStar33
Last time......
Raven landed in mobious cause the plane blew & raven told vanilla what happened & vanilla takes raven to meet the others...

Raven:*walks in Sonics house with vanilla*
Sonic:Hey vanilla who's this mysterious creature beside u?
Vanilla:this is raven
Raven:Hi sonic
Sonic Wait một phút *confused* how did bạn my name Raven....
Raven:I just do
Sonic:BUT HOW?!?!?!
Raven:I just did
Sonic:But how did u?
Raven:I just know
Sonic:GOd she's a bit annoying
Raven:Just like the people say on my planet
Sonic:That's not nice!!
Amy:Stop SONIC FAKER!!!!
Raven:Okay amy i'm not in tình yêu with him he's all urs!
Amy:Thank u!!! What a minute!! *mixeed up* HOW DID U KNOW MY Name???
Raven:I just did
Raven:I just know
Raven:I just do
Sonic:That's not the things i like about her!

To be continued....
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it was a beautiful ngày in mistoplis intill the sky became dark and a misterios ship came from the clouds it landed a little alien came out of it people were starting at it in till it đã đưa ý kiến “i am zim i have come to your planet to destroy it ah ah ah ah”. Suddenly a black hedgehog appeared in front of zim. “who is this fool sume animal i can kill” zim đã đưa ý kiến “i am shadow the hedgehog and bạn my friend are going to die” zim runing in his ship to attack shadow “you'll never kill me” zim going into không gian and shadow grabing onto the ship not leting go till they reached zims base. Shadow carefully geting off the ship shadow shot a chaos Mũi tên xanh at one of zims guards zim was startled and pulled out a gun with one guard with him shadow came out to the open zim said“there he is attack”“this were the fun begins” shadow said!
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