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This Nhím Shadow bức ảnh contains cửa sổ kính màu, anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

posted by natedawg12
Shadow walked in to the doctors office. His doctor đã đưa ý kiến its involving his trước đó planet he came from."take a ghế, chỗ ngồi mr. Shadow"said his doctor. She was an attractive young cáo, fox still looking official and attractive."yes dr. West " đã đưa ý kiến shadow without looking at her but at his gloves. "you know your from the planet Sirius right" "yeah, why? " " your planet was mostly made of carbon dioxide so your body's amune to cigarette smoke" "so bạn saying I can smoke ?" " yes shadow but don't make it a habit" " ok bởi dr. West" "goodbye shadow and please no thêm sleeping pills." shadow walked out the hospital...
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In the Central Park Zoo...
Skipper:Ah, a nice quiet day...
He puts on a pair of shades and lies down on a deck chair.
Rico:gjapgrug vge
They rush up to him. Private is holding a piece of paper.
Skipper:Oh, come on! *sits up* Can't I have a decent sun-tan once in a while?
Private:Sorry Skipper, but we thought bạn might want to hear this.
Skipper:It better be good then.
Skipper:*jumps up* There's going to be a ZOO TRANSFER?!
Private:Yes, but nobody knows where from.
Skipper:It must be the không gian squids! They've finally tracked me down......
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posted by Ashuras-shadow
i had to blink a couple times to finly get the gunk out of my eyes.
i looked around, this house was torn up.i felt somthing in my hand picked it up so i was able to see it.
i totaly forgot about everything that happend last nite. oh yeah in my hand it was a bottle of bia nice huh.im only a preteen to.

marshal: "dude stop yelling ive already got a headache"

jordan:stop ur p****** and complaing and tell me wat time it is

marshal: 2:oo pm

jordan: S****** dude got to go thanks fer the party

marshal goes to turn around and jordan is gone.

15 mins later......
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Eggman's lair: Eggman: Destroy them both. i don't care wat u do just finish them. this is ur job til i finish it. do u understand?
?: Yes master.
eggman: gd. now go!
eggman's new secret weapon went out in tìm kiếm for her targets.
sonic: xin chào shadow. wat up?
shadow: my life being boring and the same everyday and i wish i could beat the crap out of u rite now.
sonic: just askin.
shadow: sry. i'm havin the worst ngày of my life today.
sonic: how come?
shadow: rouge is being an ass. spreadin all this crap around that i'm not shadow. i told her it was the freakin prototype but nooooo. she just has...
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"Shadow, it's time to get up hoặc you'll be late to school!" his foster mom said, madly shaking him after warning him five times to get up. "What do bạn want from me, bạn devil woman!" Shadow said, sitting up and giving himself a head rush. "God dammit..." His foster mother stared at him. "Shadow, bạn know how I feel about those words!" "Aw, who cares!" Shadow đã đưa ý kiến teleporting himself downstairs only to appear inside the living room tường again. "Ah, shit!" he đã đưa ý kiến trying to get out of the wall. His foster father walked into the room đọc a newspaper. He looked up and heard Shadow's attempts...
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It was a dark place and me and Shadow were trapped in a pitch-black room. I was sitting on the floor while Shadow was pacing back and forth. We didn't say anything for a long time. Finaly, I spoke up "Shadow?" I asked. Shadow stopped pacing and looked at me. "What is it?" he asked. "Why are pacing like that, bạn know that were not gonna be leaving here anytime soon." Shadow looked at me for a few seconds, then looked at the ceiling. "Yes we will." he said. I looked at him like he was crazy. "But there are soldiers everywhere and- Shadow interrupted me and đã đưa ý kiến "Look if we don't try wre aren't...
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shadow, maria, in, end
posted by shadowsis98
Searching....As the wind blew through my dark messy hair,i looked around my surroundings feeling the pressure was thêm and thêm uncertain.It has been a some painfull years have i bared to search.......and suddenly i found them...what did i find actually ? to answer that such of câu hỏi was.....

"Aimin..it has been awhile"the dark ebony hedgehog greeted..yes,as bạn all may know this hedgehog is not an ordinary hedgehog..he was named with a name that a few may shivers upon hearing him..His name is SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG,the world's ultimate lifeform.

"Yes..it have" i answered politely."where is rouge...
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this is so funny
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Danie dumps Shadow for Shaden and Shadow wants revenge.
Shadow:I will hiển thị bạn my unlimited damage,the negor chaous blast & bạn will die,CHAOUS BLAST! *shadow blows up* Sonic:What..The..Fuck? *Shadow wake up* Shadow:Holy Crap! Sonic:hey shadow,mind bạn hiển thị me chaous blast? Shadow:holy shit!no!