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I so listen to this all the time...I tình yêu this game!!!
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OMG LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại XD HAHAHAHA
na na na
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Knuckles goes insane on Shadow and spazzes out... oh come on, everyone saw this coming...
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 how babe looks like if she was human
how babe looks like if she was human
Shadow: u đã đưa ý kiến theres a new girl coming in Sonic
Sonic: she is be patient
Babe the fox: *pretty little cáo, fox that is trái cam, màu da cam and brown with green eyes* hi
Sonic: *drooling*hello
Babe: hi im Babe
Shadow: yes u are
Babe: excuse me
Shadow: i mean we was expecting u miss Babe
Babe: o thank u
Scourge: hot Babe
Babe: excuse me
Scourge: i think i need a plumber baby would u help me with that
Babe: *bites him*no i may not *walks off to her room and kisses Tails*
Shadow:shes hot
Knuckles and Sonic : u dont lie
Babe: *brings out a chain saw*nyu *runs after them *morons *goes to sleep in her room*
Interveiwing Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Silver the Hedgehog

Mina: So! Here we go, folks. My interveiw with Shadow.

Shadow: I don't get paid enough for this...

Mina: ._.U bạn don't get paid at all for this. I do, though. *grin*

Shadow: Whatever.

Mina: Alright. First question: Why are bạn always mad, hoặc angry?

Shadow: Why are bạn always so happy? Sheesh...

Mina: *sweatdrop* Alllrriiigghhhtt... tiếp theo question: Do bạn like Rou--

Shadow: NO.

Mina: Sounds convincing. tiếp theo question; what are your yêu thích guns?

Shadow: Ooh, now I'm interested. Well, if I had to choose a shotgun, I'd do the...
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Người dơi found out the real me, and shadow didnt lik me after that. i went to my house and got rid of my powers. once that was over i went to my old house were i lived for 7 years before i became batwoman. when i got rid of my powers i Mất tích my memory of being batwoman, blackcat and all of that. five years later joker found me and threaded to kill me if i didnt tell him who Người dơi was. i told him that i didnt no who he was hoặc batman. joker convinced me that i was blackcat, evil and a killer; i was convinced. i went to go live with him until i learned more. he told me to get my powers back. i did...
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it was quiet sunny that..a normal sunny saturday..i was was currently sitting on my old giường listening to music..as i sang along through
the beats with my pale màu hồng, hồng headphone.I heard some rustling nearby the window,quickly snaps my head toward the sound opening my headphone.'hmph maybe just imagination..'as i thought continueing my Daydreaming about sonic.yes,it was true i'm one of the blue speedster người hâm mộ yet i'm not the so called 'crazed' one no i wasn't, sure i tình yêu him but not until to marry him,kidnap him hoặc as such.

"psst" a voice called."h-huh?" again opening my headphone from my ears,you...
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