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Hello bạn wacky kahunas! It's Hellowittykitty here, talking about Shade the Echidna! She doesn't really appear in many Sonic games hoặc one I think..... But anyways, what I really want to say is what I think about her. She is really nice, calm, cool and collected and rarely loses her temper. She is pretty because if her very feminine figure and quite wacky figure. I think her jumpsuit outfit is nice because it has a màu hồng, hồng glowing signal to it, which makes it cool! (By the way, pink's my yêu thích color!) Also, I think the pairing KnucklesxShade is super cute. Also, are we allowed to write lemons...
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Shade the Echidna (シェイド, Sheido?) is a character in the video game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. As a Lieutenant with the Marauders, she is an important spy, and her job is not easy. She has lived with others of her Mất tích clan within the Twilight Cage for over 4000 years (from Earth's perspective). She is the brains of the group. Within her clan there have been a lot of individuals who do not harmonize with the whole group, and have interests hoặc ideas that frequently conflict with each other. These persons are constantly striving and competing for a position of superiority...
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posted by infinityproject
I looked at the orange, armor-clad creature staring straight at me. " Uh, Hello?" I said, which made it jump back a little.
"What is your name?" she đã đưa ý kiến with a feminine tone, which I assumed it to be female.
"If I remember right, my name's Tim," I said.
"My name is Shade," she said. [i] god, that sounds familliar[i], I thought.
"Where are bạn from?" she said.
"Even though I don't know how, I'm from a different universe, I think," I said, still trying to remember the incident, although for some reason, i could'nt pull up the memory.
" That sounds totally feasable,although kind of weird," Shade said, with a note of confusion in her voice.
"I agree;but it is nice out," I said.
"It is a beautiful night out' isn't it?" Shade said, her voice full of wonder/