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Throughout the entire Harry Potter series it is đã đưa ý kiến that Severus Snape is loyal to Dumbledore, but is Severus truly loyal to him? And does Dumbledore deserve that loyalty.

    I know a number of Potter những người hâm mộ that will agree when I say that, even with all of his flaws, Severus Snape is a substantially loyal character. He remains loyal to Lily Evans-Potter, long after she dismisses him as a friend, and long after she has declared her tình yêu for another. He remains loyal to Albus Dumbledore despite the danger he willingly puts him through , seemingly without caring for the outcome....
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link and I saw something similar at the link, and we just had to get a danh sách together for Severus as well

1) Take Sirius to the vet to get him neutered.
2) Take Remus to the vet to get him neutered.
3) Hit Sirius with a newspaper on his nose and say “Bad dog!” just because bạn feel like it.
4) Introduce Dumbledore's leg to Sirius' new girlfriends as Sirius' ex.
5) Pretend to throw a frisby around Sirius...or Remus (it wastes a lot of their valuable time trying to retrieve a non existent object)
6) Stop with the conspiracy theories and telling everyone Cedric Diggory is “still walking around,...
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