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Severus Snape
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__snape's tale__

there was a dark castle
a prince it hides inside..
under his black cloak
a crying child you'll find

he's not bad
just mysterious,
never will trust,
he's all suspicious.

he's so sad
and so unspoken,
with too much love
his tim, trái tim was broken..

behind your eyes,
he'll cast a spell,
to know the truth
your memory will tell..

his tình yêu potion
he wont even use
accept it hoặc not,
his charm bạn cant refuse..

behind his stares
that nearly stabbed,
are those special looks
that i almost grabbed..

when lupin is a werewolf,
and he is a prince,
what would bạn prefer,
a bite hoặc his glimpse?

he seemed to hate harry
but no,...
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Severus Snape
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