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SnapesRose posted on Jan 16, 2011 at 07:04PM
5 April 09


Thy tight embrace
Thus I long for, I seek

Thy intense intimacy
Such wondrous
To live, to feel, to see

Thy embrace
Tender or harsh
Caress, tear my lace

Looking into your darkness
Your eyes, your being
Feeling your grip
Fierce, harsh unforgiving

Through and through
I am lost within you

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hơn một năm qua SnapesRose said…
6:22 PM 1/17/2011 Mon

His hand stretched out
His wand raised
Ready to cast a spell
Forget me not
He whispered
Forget me not
His heart yearned
Forget me not
Was his plea
As he slumped
Swallowed by the

Forget me not
His voice echoed
Forget.. forget..
Me .. not
His last words rang
Hung in the air

Reaching out
Into the darkness
Into the pit
I've never forgotten you
Severus Snape
As I pulled him out
Back to the light
Back to the living
A brand new live
hơn một năm qua SnapesRose said…
1:19 PM 1/17/2011 Mon

From the deep darkness
Your calling me
Reaching to me
Your voice rings through
Every cell of me
As time and space
Matter not

I am there,
There for you
A light
Shining in pure darkness
Giving hope, giving strength

As you awaken from the
Consuming darkness
Awaken to a new life
leaving the old one
Far behind
Leaving the old one
In the darkness that's called