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Harry Potter Awards Years 1-7 Philosopher's stone to Deathly Hallows. fanpop Style....

My version of The Oscars ,MTV Movie Awards and The Golden Globes. Harry Potter was robbed if bạn ask me, in all these award Categories so here's mine all bạn have to do is fill the blanks Enjoy x x

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Break view Performance
Best Cameo
Best Hero
Best Villain
Best Comedic Performance
Best Fight
Best Kiss
Best On Screen Duo
Best Jaw-Dropping Moment
Best Gut-Wrenching Moment
Best Costume/Dress
Most Desirable Male
Most Desirable Female
Best Make-Up
Best Original Score
Best Song
Best Film
Best Director
Most Outstanding Achievement Award
 Harry Potter Awards Years 1-7 Philosopher's stone to Deathly Hallows. fanpop Style....
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cunha27 said:
Best Actor: Daniel Radcliffe
Best Actress: Emma Watson
Best Supporting Actor: Alan Rickman
Best Supporting Actress: Helena Bonham Carter
Best Breakthrough Performance: Daniel Radcliffe
Best Cameo: Ricky Wilson
Best Hero: Severus Snape
Best Villian: Lord Voldemort
Best Comedic Performance: Tom Felton
Best Fight: Battle in the Ministry of Magic (OotP)
Best Kiss: Ron and Hermione
Best On Screen Duo: The twins
Best Jaw-Dropping Moment: Snape killing Dumbledore
Best Gut Wrenching Moment: Snape finding Lily's body
Best Costume/Dress: Drumstag formal school uniform
Most Desirable Male: Alan Rickman
Most Desirable Female: Emma Watson
Best Make-up: Ralph Finnes (DH2)
Best Original Score: Harry Potter and the Half Brood Prince
Best Song: Hedwig's Theme
Best Film: Deathly Hallows Part 2
Best Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Most Outstanding Achievement Award: Alan Rickman
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