Serena and Nate What are the odds for Serenate being endgame??

goyita16 posted on Aug 19, 2010 at 09:57PM
If you belive that they have more chances of ending up together than Derena, or Serena alone, or Serena with some other guy, if you truly belive that Nate is the most likely to be Serena´s endgame, please post here what your reasons are to belive in this.

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hơn một năm qua bright_angel said…
1.They love each other!It is the first love for both!Serena be herself when she is with Nate!Dan never accepted this girl,he wants the perfect girl!I don't believe that Serena has feeling for Dan anymore!She always loves Nate and him too!They were waiting 2 hole years in order to be together,without thinking that they will hurt someone!Also we know the real reason why Serena came back in S1.Be
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hơn một năm qua barkenfan said…
Well I put this on a pick, so I´m just gonna repit it cuz all these are just a few things why I think Serena will choose Nate instead of Mr irrelevant(ok bella I called him as you told me this time lol!!):
1. Nate couldn´t get over her even when she left 4 one entire year!!
2.Dan and S broke up just because her world was to much 4 Mr irrelevant.
3.She left Nate 4 his own MARRIED causin and he didn´t judged her, instead he defended her from Trip and his wife.
4.Jenny was all over Nate when S lied to him about meeting the Humphrey´s for lunch AND when he thought that Serena had left with Carter, and he still DIDN´T took her V card!!
5. Dan did sleep with Georgina cuz he had fought with S (You don´t do that to someone yo love)
My point? Nate loves Serena in ways that Dan never did and never will, because Nate knows EVERYTHING about S and loves her no matter what.