Serena and Nate SPOILER!!! Casting Script (Episode 3.19)

jadebkk posted on Jan 19, 2010 at 02:50PM
I just read this script


i just wanna share your opinion after read it ..

First thought i have is Nate thinking that Jenny is a kid .. spoilers said Jenny will try to steal nate away so my guess is Serenate still together (i will at least see them together 7 episode but of course hopefully MORE)

but most surprised for me is blair broke up with chuck?!? I think is just a short while during Serenate still together .. they have to break up some couple and that couple is 'chair' ?!? that's ashame .. but i have a feeling that whenever chair get back together .. it will be Serenate turn to have their relationship problems :( i hope they can fix it whatever happens

and is anyone worried about 'carter' return?!? i hope that 'carter' won't make a problem between Serenate because as much as i like Vanderbaizen .. I prefer SERENATE 4EVER .. I hope he is just return to give Serena news about her father ..

So, what do you think ?!?
 I just read this script

Serena and Nate 12 các câu trả lời

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hơn một năm qua lailalove said…
ok here is the thing GG really mess up josh make stuff chair break up & serenate jenny & carter but the do something drama stubid drama & they can make it better but shakespeare once that that true love never run smooth soo i guss we have to take 7 get little wish from here & there
hơn một năm qua PaperWings said…
Gosh What is Josh thinking?!
Blair says Chuck is her ''psycho ex-boyfriend'' ?! How can he screw up EVERYTHING?! It's not that he's just breaking up Chuck&Blair he probably breaks up Serenate ,too.
And the whole Jenny/Nate/Serena/Carter thing is ridiculous. A Triangel between Jenny, Nate and Serena or Nate,Serena & Carter would be far enough but now THAT?!
Seriously I can't understand this shit.
With this storylines they have to cancel Gossip Girl anyway.
Yes, I am really pissed right now!!!
hơn một năm qua Paper_Heart said…
Wtf!? What the hell is Josh thinking??
Blair & Chuck break up. Serena/Nate/Jenna/Carter is ridiculous and anyway.. if this shit (sorry but i can't find another word) is really happening, I'm gonna stop watching Gossip Girl!! Gosh, I'm sooooo pissed right now about this stupid script.
But somehow it doesn't look ... real.. I mean.. It's so chaotic and so inaccurate.. strange, but we will see..
If that's real, it's a total disaster!!!
hơn một năm qua jadebkk said…
I just thinking about the thing that josh said before on twitter about

- Re: the C/B "sexy" question: More than ever. But do they go too far...? (his explanation is “After conferring with Stephanie Savage about what to say without saying too much, I would add that Chuck and Blair have always played games to keep their romance exciting."

"But sometimes those games go too far and have a cost.”)

So, im guessing that cost is 'broke up' but it can't be too long .. just can't be ..

One More Thing That Josh Mentioned on Twitter
- Expect N and S to do their own version of 9 1/2 Weeks.

i'm guessing that is what Chace calls an "assassin type game."

I am just trying to make sense all of it ..

hơn một năm qua Isabellaaa said…
someone just told me there is a pic of nate hugging carter...
i mean would he do that is serena and carter got together??? :S
hơn một năm qua jadebkk said…
i dont think that carter get back with serena .. i just think carter just trying to give serena news about her father or something .. and i think that hugging picture is just chace and sebastian greeting, they are friend since the covenant movie.. i think its weird if nate and carter hugging lol ..
hơn một năm qua jadebkk said…
that is def not in the script as u can see bunch of crew are in the background .. and Can you imagine carter and nate hug ?!? .. No, I can't .. After Everything Carter Did to Nate .. That whole gambling and punching things ..
 that is def not in the script as u can see bunch of crew are in the background .. and Can bạn imagine
hơn một năm qua lailalove said…
big smile
yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa there ARE FRINDS & HE GO WITH HIM ONCE on his date with blair
hơn một năm qua jadebkk said…
OK! i have read it again and now i don't think that script is a final one .. correct me if im wrong .. but blair is in Yale right?!? Not Brown!! and Aaron Rose!! He is so last year lol ..
hơn một năm qua itsnaddia said…
Blair is in NYU. Aaron Rose? He's even more IRRELEVANT than Mr. Irrelevant!
hơn một năm qua itsnaddia said…
Honestly, I don't think it's very legit
hơn một năm qua jadebkk said…

So i guess this script is for real after all ..