Serena and Nate HAPPY [NS] NEW YEAR!!!! <333

Isabellaaa posted on Jan 01, 2010 at 01:34AM
Just wanted to wish you all an amazing new year<333 you all truly rock around here ;D it's 2:30 here now and i just got home so i thought id wish you know LOL. idk if it' officially new year yet for everyone but still happy new year ;D drink lots of champane couse it's new years and thats an excuse xD love you all LOTS <3 and lets hope for a lot of NS this year (and not much nenny xD)

ps: new years question; What's your new years resolution???

-mine are to get my grades up becouse i'm failing in half my subjects and then to answer all my friends on youtube witch i havn't in 3 months :P

Lots of hugs and kisses...


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hơn một năm qua Teasel said…
I'm drunk too... on the New Year celebration spirit xDDD

Hehe, my New Year's resolution is to get my grades up as well; but they're 'okay' as they are now xDD

Good luck replying to your YT messages & have a Serenate-y 2010 ^_^
hơn một năm qua mnicolini said…
LMFAOOO Happy New Years

My resolutions are deeper than that too long to explain but i hope that my family problems just vanish.
hơn một năm qua Teasel said…
^^ Aww, I wish you luck with that ;[[

In the meantime, vote on my GG/NS poll in the picks section of this spot xDDD
hơn một năm qua mnicolini said…
oh sure hun will do ;) and thanks <3
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hơn một năm qua headstrongshiho said…
happy NS new yearrrr
hơn một năm qua lailalove said…
nsssssssss & happnies 4 me & 4every one, last night i was dunk toooooo
hơn một năm qua SerenaArchibald said…
Happy New Year all!
May 2010 be an abundance of hot Serenate sex and lovin'!
hơn một năm qua mesmerized said…
Happy New Year everyone <3 Lets hope this is a good one for NS and all of us! :D ♥
hơn một năm qua Teasel said…

It's good to see people tipsy xDDD