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 selena gomez, 2013
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selena gomez, 2013
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Selena Gomez
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 Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez
Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez

I know a person on Youtube that has the user name iHATEselenagomez101
(I know weird username), anyway well her long distance Những người bạn kittycatirlie, nickjonasxxlove, and minniemouse1116. Well minniemouse1116 sister’s friend is Những người bạn with.... JT AUSTIN from WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE! JT Austin told minniemouse1116 sister’s friend the Nick Jonas broke up with Selena Gomez and they were going to get back together..... BUT THEY NEVER DID! Plus minniemouse1116 was in a religion class with JT Austin and though he moved from the area minniemouse1116 sister’s friend still keeps in contact!

Plus also from another nguồn while Nick was playing with Elvis Costello he was thinking about certain things and Nick Jonas broke up with Selena Gomez. They were thinking about getting back together BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED!
 Nick Jonas & Elvis Costello
Nick Jonas & Elvis Costello
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