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 Selena&Demi hình nền ❤
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Selena&Demi hình nền ❤
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Demi Lovato
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This Selena Gomez và Demi Lovato hình nền might contain thìa, cây dùi, and spatula.

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Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have been best Những người bạn since pre-school and WOW they still are.Selena and Demi are the best celebritie Những người bạn ever.They are GREAT role người mẫu for kids.We all know Selena and Demi are GREAT các nữ diễn viên and have AMAZING voices,and dont EVER forget they are best Những người bạn too.So why is everyone asking who is better Selena hoặc Demi?You know i dont think anyone should do that because they are best Những người bạn NOBODY should compete them together.They will feel very upset if they find out people are holding them against each other and competeing.So i know i am Demi and Selena's BIGGEST người hâm mộ ever,but even if your not a Demi hoặc Selena người hâm mộ that cant mean bạn can hold them against each other hoặc even compete them to each other.So have a tim, trái tim even if your not as big a người hâm mộ as i am to Demi and Selena , PLEASE dont compete hoặc turn them against each other.Dont forget they are BEST FRIENDS!!!!
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