Demi Lovato, a new POP singer, bit her fingers when she start her FIRST role, as "Kimmey" on Barney.
Selena auditioned, too. She was poor, bummed, and frequently nightmared. Selena bumped into Demi, and asked her millions of các câu hỏi before they bumped into each other. "How old are you?" asked Selena.
Demi shrugged. "I think I'm twelve." đã đưa ý kiến Demetria (Demi). Selena and Demi took the roles. They became very good friends, until, they re-charged, and became 13. They sold their FIRST Barney DVD, and even scouted together when they CAMPED. Demi and Selena became torn apart. "NO!" đã đưa ý kiến Demi, crying with NO joy. They became torn apart before Selena moved to Grand Prairie, and when Demi was still in Los Angeles. Miss Mini was Selena before. Demi was a re-elder, pretty, ALBUM seller.
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